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Evil Movie Reviews: Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home and Star Trek V – The Final Frontier

I’ve got a two for one today. Two reviews for the price of one! I’m quickly getting finished up with all the Star Trek movies, ready to move on to TNG if you ask me. I watched #4 and 5 this past week and want to tell you all about it! Especially since the 4th movie is considered one of the best of all the Star Trek films. Warning, spoilers to follow, but you probably should have already seen these films if you are a Trekkie.


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Evil Movie Review: Star Trek III – The Search for Spock

It was a very sad moment for the world when we lost Leonard Nimoy last month, and an even bigger loss to the geek community. Even I, the reluctant Trekkie, was saddened by his loss despite my complaints of not liking the original series that much. He was such an iconic man, and his personal quotes and lifestyle really reflected Spock in a lot of ways as well. So it only seemed appropriate that I continue on my quest to watch all Star Trek related films and shows with the next movie in my line up- Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.


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Evil Movie Review: Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

Ok nerds, today it gets real. I have my review of The Wrath of Khan, a Valentine’s Day treat for you Star Trek lovers. This is one of the most famous Star Trek movies of all time. You all know I was a little unimpressed by the premiere Star Trek movie by now, but I tried with all my might to come in to this film unaffected by my past Star Trek experiences. I was determined to like it. I was going to really see what all the hype about this series really was. Get ready, and well, I will warn you there are spoilers but come on now, even I knew what was going to happen before seeing the film thanks to seeing J.J. Abrams reboot.


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Evil Movie Review: Star Trek – The Motion Picture

Well by now you all know that I gave up on season 3 of the Original Series, but since I do want to get to TNG some day I figured I would have to make it through the six Star Trek movies first. Hence I get to bring you this gem: my review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

1969 was the final year of the original Star Trek series, probably because, well, it wasn’t that great and more than 3 seasons would have been unbearable. But long before J.J. Abrams came around to reboot the series, the original creator Gene Roddenberry decided to help Robert Wise with this 1979 film. Paramount was not really that convinced that taking on these old space hippies for a movie was a good idea, but after Close Encounters and Star Wars did so well they thought they would have a go at it.

They got the film out, but part of me feels they should have left it all alone. Without further ado, my take on the film, spoilers and all.


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TV From The Crypts: Star Trek The Original Series Season 3

Hey trekies, Lilith here again, trying to catch up on all the Star Trek genre material out there. I know it’s been a while since I wrote about the show. When I last wrote about all things Trek it was a review of Season 2, and all the amazing buzzfeed style moments I loved from it. Well, truth be told, I did not completely finish season 3 but I am writing about it. Yup, I confess, as hard as it is for me to admit, I could not stomach the entire season. I found that episode after episode I was spending increasing time on my iphone being so bored with the show, and so about 2/3 through the show I threw in my towel. I will still review the episodes and moments I appreciated of what I did watch, and my next Star Trek related battle has me delving in to the movies. All 6 of those glorious pre-lens flare, screaming Kirk movies. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy today’s albeit abbreviated post.


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TV From The Crypts: Lilith’s Star Trek Mission Continues

That’s right, I have successfully completed my mission in watching season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series. I have learned a lot as I have entered the world of 1960’s science fiction, and in particular I appreciate now that we have come a long way. Still, it’s nice to nod my head in recognition of what was the then ground-breaking television series. Today I want to bring you my favorite moment’s, buzzfeed listastic style again. But first I have to point out a couple frustrations I have with the show and see if you Trekkies agree.

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