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Evil Movie Review: Star Trek – The Motion Picture

Well by now you all know that I gave up on season 3 of the Original Series, but since I do want to get to TNG some day I figured I would have to make it through the six Star Trek movies first. Hence I get to bring you this gem: my review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

1969 was the final year of the original Star Trek series, probably because, well, it wasn’t that great and more than 3 seasons would have been unbearable. But long before J.J. Abrams came around to reboot the series, the original creator Gene Roddenberry decided to help Robert Wise with this 1979 film. Paramount was not really that convinced that taking on these old space hippies for a movie was a good idea, but after Close Encounters and Star Wars did so well they thought they would have a go at it.

They got the film out, but part of me feels they should have left it all alone. Without further ado, my take on the film, spoilers and all.


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