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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: She-Hulk

Barreling straight through the fourth wall, She-Hulk has transcended from her roots as a cheap knock-off of a beloved Marvel character to become one of that company’s strongest female characters.


Savage She Hulk 1

And she sure did have a long way to climb…

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Jean Grey

Hey there, gang! Continuing our Women’s History Month  feature, today we turn the spotlight over to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters! Our honoree today is the first (and perhaps most notable) female student to attend the aforementioned institute; None other than Jean Grey, herself.

Jean Issue 1

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Top Ten Fantastic Four Covers (Kirby and Lee Era)

Although I am indisputably a child of the X-Men generation, my heart has always belonged on a very important level to the Fantastic Four. My first experience with FF comics came well after my early encounters with Spider-Man and the X-Men, but there was always something about the dynamic of the Fantastic Four that drew me in. Perhaps it’s because I, myself, came from a large family and the relationship between that team is very much that of a family. Perhaps it was the fact that one Christmas of 1991 I received a video cassette copy of “The Menace of Magneto”, an episode of the 1970s Fantastic Four cartoon in which Reed, Sue, Ben and H.E.R.B.I.E. take down the Master of Magnetism himself, with the help of a WOODEN GUN(!?!?!).

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Your Week in Geek: January 17th–23rd

Morning Nerds!

Welcome to our new feature that’ll help catch you up on a bunch of the highlights of geek news that went down this past week. So, without further adieu…

Superman/Batman pushed back to 2016

In what has come across as absolutely no surprise to anyone, Warners has decided to push the Man of Steel sequel simply titled Superman vs. Batman back a whole year from July 15th, 2015 to May 6th, 2016. I am actually in complete favor for this because in my mind at least, DC and WB are finally starting to realize that if they plan to have Supes, Bats, Wondie and who knows who else in this movie that it simply has to kick ass! So, if they need another year to refine the script and get the best people in there, then all the power to them. Whatever they gotta do to get me a Justice League on screen is all I care about, and one that includes Darkseid dammit!!!

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The 5 Worst X-Men Runs (by Great Writers)


The X-Men family of comic series have varied greatly in quality over the years. They’ve gone from some of the most entertaining and poignant stories in the medium to unreadable dreck and back again. Like most readers in my generation, I cut my teeth on X-Men comics and that undoubtedly shaped my tastes regarding all types of fantasy. And naturally, many of the best and brightest authors in the industry are eager to take a shot at writing these characters, and while some of these new takes on Marvel’s Merry Mutants have redefined the characters for a new generation, other visions fell so very, very flat. And the remarkable aspect, of this creative quagmire is that some of the most spectacular failures in the history of X-Men comics have been at the hands of otherwise phenomenal writers.


There are a great many runs of the series that are either forgettable or contemptible, but nonetheless unsurprising. For instance, Scott Lobdell’s long tenure as writer of both core X-Men series in the 1990s. These issues, despite being published at the height of the X-Men’s popularity, are largely forgotten. And that was no accident. Any stories in his run that aren’t shunned are remembered only for their art. But no one is doing a spit-take over a shitty Scott Lobdell story. Lobdell is a master of ruination, he’s currently hard at work in his efforts to make Superman an irrelevant footnote over at DC and seems to be doing a wonderful job of it. Similarly, Chuck Austen’s runs on X-Men and Uncanny X-Men are often cited as the worst in the history of these series, but it’s not as if we had any reason to suspect they wouldn’t be. Everything else he had done up to that point had been unimpressive, so the clusterfuck he left behind at the Xavier Institute only stands to reason.


And that’s my point. When bad writers write bad stories, it doesn’t come as a shock. However, when otherwise acclaimed writers step up to the plate to work on the X-Men, they very often fail as well. These books are, in that sense, sort of akin to the Sword in the Stone. These capable knights, so to speak, approach this task with confidence and great expectations, and then shamble away in defeat a few months later. Today, I give a few of those enormous letdowns.

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Brovember Day 18 – Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm

Salutations, steadfast sojourners! Today’s featured fraternity focuses on a far-out friendship from a familiar funnybook! A premium pair of pals created by Stan The Man, himself!

Swanky Stan

And also Jack Kirby, but mixing that in with the alliteration feels kind of dirty. Anyway, today’s Brovember Spotlight shines ever-so-brightly upon…

The Thing and The Human Torch!

Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm 5

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