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Evil Movie Review: Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

Ok nerds, today it gets real. I have my review of The Wrath of Khan, a Valentine’s Day treat for you Star Trek lovers. This is one of the most famous Star Trek movies of all time. You all know I was a little unimpressed by the premiere Star Trek movie by now, but I tried with all my might to come in to this film unaffected by my past Star Trek experiences. I was determined to like it. I was going to really see what all the hype about this series really was. Get ready, and well, I will warn you there are spoilers but come on now, even I knew what was going to happen before seeing the film thanks to seeing J.J. Abrams reboot.


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TV From The Crypts: Star Trek The Original Series Season 3

Hey trekies, Lilith here again, trying to catch up on all the Star Trek genre material out there. I know it’s been a while since I wrote about the show. When I last wrote about all things Trek it was a review of Season 2, and all the amazing buzzfeed style moments I loved from it. Well, truth be told, I did not completely finish season 3 but I am writing about it. Yup, I confess, as hard as it is for me to admit, I could not stomach the entire season. I found that episode after episode I was spending increasing time on my iphone being so bored with the show, and so about 2/3 through the show I threw in my towel. I will still review the episodes and moments I appreciated of what I did watch, and my next Star Trek related battle has me delving in to the movies. All 6 of those glorious pre-lens flare, screaming Kirk movies. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy today’s albeit abbreviated post.


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