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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Belmont Exclusion

Welcome back glorious readers to another edition of Suggestions. Today marks a day that I thought would never come. It is a day where I will need to put my comedy on the back burner, and finally get to something serious…and by serious, I am referring to the exclusion of a certain series from another certain series. It’s a goddamn travesty and something that I simply cannot tolerate anymore. Nintendo…..Let me put my suggestions in you. I have never full on requested anything of a company, (except my open letters to DC, which you can find on this site) but I must do so now. Nintendo…..Smash Bros….where are the freaking Belmonts?!?!?!

I am a big fan of Nintendo, and I would say any person would be and should be. For years they have been giving us title after title and property after property, and almost all of them amazingly good. Between your standard Mario to Zelda, Metroid to Donkey Kong, Nintendo has such a rich a vibrant library that you would rarely be hard up for something fun to play. Even now their old games stand the test of time, and you can find yourself playing them over and over. Hell, I just played Link to the Past all the way through at the beginning of this year in my world renowned column Hyrule Superbowl. Nintendo just simply knows how to make games, and how to make them fun. It’s somewhat remarkable that they can consistently put out such good games and rarely stumble. However, not all that can be said about Nintendo is good, and I will tell you why. If you look at all of the Smash Bros games that have been released, there seems to be something missing, and it is something very important to me. If you have been to this site before, you will know that the Evil Geeks love Castlevania, and the fact that the Belmonts and Alucard have been excluded from entering the melee with the rest of the Nintendo greats, is very heartbreaking to me. To be honest, it’s somewhat confusing. I can understand including Mario and Luigi, Link and Samus, Donkey Kong and Marth, but they even added Solid Snake and Sonic. Two non Nintendo characters, yet the Belmonts and Alucard are thrown by the wayside. Why is that? Let’s take a look.

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