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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top Five Creatures From 2013

Hello my slimy followers, how was your 2013? I apologize for being a slacker the last couple weeks with the holidays and only consistently bringing you this amazing creature column on the weekends, I realized it is not nearly enough to satiate your need for Lilith posts. This week I decided with the start of the New Year it would be a good time to reflect back and discuss my favorite creatures from the year 2013. I am sure that there are many creatures I missed since there is only so much time in the year for me to indulge in new books, movies, and TV shows, so I apologize ahead of time to all those of you that want me to write about Pacific Rim, Riddick, or Wolverine, I haven’t gotten to see them yet. But read on for the monsters I loved the most this year so far.


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The Weekly Skitter Report: Badlands

Howdy Evil Geeks, it’s time for our weekly break down of the extra terrestrial happenings on TV’s Falling Skies: The Weekly Skitter Report!  Last week we got ourselves reacquainted with the members of the 2nd Mass and their new-found allies from above, the Volm.  Tom Mason is now the president of the NEW United States and things in Charleston couldn’t be going better…until the human strike a massive blow against the invading Espheni, thus invoking the wrath of their other worldly foes.  Instead of retreating to lick their wounds, the Espheni are planning on unleashing a full-out assault on Charleston in response to the humans destroying their fuel supply.  It sure seems like Tom’s about to be the President of nothing more than a smoldering pile of ashes.

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The Weekly Skitter Report: On Thin Ice/Collateral Damage


Greetings Evil and Geeky ones!  We’re rolling out a new weekly feature today that will be keeping us up to speed on the weekly happenings of the TNT show Falling Skies.  Aliens! Slave Aliens! Other Aliens that hate the first set of Aliens!  And let’s not forget the human resistance fighters that just won’t give up on their hopes of taking the planet back.  Join us every week for the rest of Season 3 as we talk the war stories of the 2nd Mass!

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