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Super Cafe: It’s On!

Whats Up Nerds!

Over the past few days there have been some big Hollywood reveals including the super-amazing-incredible Star Wars Episode VII trailer and even Jurassic World. But alas, Warner Bros. had big plans of their own to unveil the Dawn of Justice trailer in a special IMAX screen just this past Monday, but then someone caught it on their cellphone and uploaded a crappy video online and BAM! the leak happened and the nerd world had a collective mehhhhhhhhh to it.

So, was the Batman vs Superman trailer really all that bad? No, not entirely. But it wasn’t good…especially when we all saw Han and Chewy and heard Luke narrating that trailer just hours before. Not gonna lie, I was having a HORRIBLE day up to that point and that completely changed it and I was grinning from ear to ear and talking about it to my wife for the rest of the night. Because I, like you I’d imagine, love Star Wars and also because it was awesome! Anyhow, after the leak Warners had to go ahead and throw their trailer online just like Marvel did with Age of Ultron after it was leaked back in the Fall of 2014. Dawn of Justice has a gritty and ominous feeling to it that one wouldn’t expect from Superman, but honestly it feels kind of right to me based on Man of Steel. Anyways the folks over at How it Should Have Ended have given us a pretty funny interaction between the caped crusader and everyones favorite boy scout about movie trailers that totally made me chuckle. Check it out…

End of day, I’m a big DC fan so I think that Dawn of Justice will be good and my many Marvel Fanboy Friends (cough, cough, C-Mart) simply will not until we see what happens. Still though, they could’ve given us DC Fanboys a little bit more to work with here!

Later Nerds!

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Your Resolution to become Batman!

Afternoon Nerds!

"No Bruce, you bench....I'll bewz!"

“No Bruce, you bench….I’ll bewz!”

We’re still reeling over 2013 here in the Evil Lair and as everyone know, with a New Year comes resolutions to become a New You! Well, one of the most popular resolutions is to either loose weight or get fit and its also the one that gets broken the most. The Health Industry is very much aware of this and you always see sales on gym memberships, diet foods, and exercise equipment for anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks into the new year. As the days go by, the crowded gyms become a little less popular and people unfortunately fall off the wagon and go back to the snacks but it seems that they always have a cabinet of energy bars that will never get eaten, or a treadmill that now becomes an expensive coatrack in their back room. Take it from someone who has been in this position before, motivation is the key to stick with your resolution and to stay motivated and keep you’re resolution here’s an idea for you… Instead of sticking to your resolution of trying to shed 20 lbs or get fit, make your resolution to become Batman! (And you can do it without your parents being gunned down) 🙂

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