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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Spider-Mania

Phobias. We all have them, so what’s yours? Coulorophobia? Pteromerhanophobia? Does 90’s Nick at Nite make you feel nostalgically Nyctophobic? Or do you take after Indiana Jones with Ophidiophobia?  Maybe Stephen King gave you cynophobia. Well you might feel some comfort in knowing that some of these phobias are evolutionarily adaptive. Including my phobia…I might seem like a bad-ass next to Indy as I am not afraid to handle, restrain, or even treat snakes for medical ailments (maybe I am part slytherin), but like many humans I have a undeniable arachnophobia. Yes folks, spiders just creep me out, and there is a plethora of real and imaginary 8-legged wonders out there which has inspired me to spotlight them in my Creature Comforts edition this weekend.


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