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Kevin Wada’s She Hulk (Vol. 3) Covers

With the newest She-Hulk series recently ending I thought it would be a perfect time to highlight the beautiful Kevin Wada artwork that graced all 12 of its covers. His style was a perfect fit and went a long way to humanize Jennifer Walters but still making her appear larger than life. We can only hope Marvel reassigns Wada to a new project in the not too distant future. Perhaps one with interiors? Hell, I’d settle for a fashion guide to the Marvel Universe. With Secret Wars and Battleworld on the horizon nothing is truly out of the realm of possibility.



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The Majesty Of Kevin Wada (Part 1)

Not too long ago I became smitten with the work of Phil Noto around the same time I was also introduced to artist, Kevin Wada. Wada is most recently known for his exquisitely painted covers for the Charles Soule written She-Hulk series. As I did some more research I fell in love. He strives for some forward thinking fashion designs on many well known characters, especially in the X-Universe. Redesigning their looks and resulted in new fresh takes on the characters that seemingly affected their attitudes as well. Take a look for yourself.



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Top Ten Fantastic Four Covers (Byrne Era)

Not long ago, I published an article featuring my own personal top ten list of Fantastic Four covers from the first hundred-or-so issues. Naturally, the Lee and Kirby run on Fantastic Four is one of the most highly celebrated collaborations in the history of comics. However, in my own tastes it’s about tied with John Byrne’s work on the same title. Perhaps it’s because they were some of the first books to which I was exposed as a child, perhaps it’s just because of their unchecked awesomeness, one way or another Byrne’s FF issues ought to be recognized. So away we go.

john byrne watcher

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: She-Hulk

Barreling straight through the fourth wall, She-Hulk has transcended from her roots as a cheap knock-off of a beloved Marvel character to become one of that company’s strongest female characters.


Savage She Hulk 1

And she sure did have a long way to climb…

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Comic Book Panel Of The Day 1/17/13

Today’s featured panel is nigh-on 30 years old, dating all the way back to 1985’s Fantastic Four #275. In this issue, She Hulk (in her first stint as Ben Grimm’s replacement) was doing a bit of topless sunbathing in her off hours when a paparazzo in a helicopter snapped some very profitable photos. The issue revolves around She-Hulk attempting to stop these photos from seeing the light of day, and as the issue wraps up it and appears as if she has no choice but to face the music, Johnny Storm (who just so happened to have a copy) pops by to show her what finally saw print.


The Star Trek nod refers to the network “correcting” the originally yellow-tinged skin of Spock… not one of Kirk’s multicolored conquests.

We’ll see them some day, my friends.

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