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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Pendraggin’ Ass

Welcome once more to the ever-expanding fine art gallery  housed within our Evil Lair.

Today’s highlighted work is a return to tradition for the Evil Geeks Art Collective. Separate illustrations of the same topic drawn by Arthur Harkness and Biff Tannen combined into a perfect work of art through science.

While no particular source material was supplied, it will become apparent that at least one of our artists was working with this in mind:

Arthur Original

I won’t waste your time with words. There are no words.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Batman: Venom


Denny O’Neal sold me on “Venom” during one of his Fat Man On Batman podcast appearances with Kevin Smith. It was originally issues #16-20 of Legends Of The Dark Knight from 1991. The basic premise was too much for me to pass up. Batman tracks down a kidnapped little girl but she ultimately dies in front of him because he couldn’t remove a large object that was blocking his path to her. It proved to just be too heavy. Her death torments him and as a result he begins taking Venom, the same drugs that make Bane so powerful. It has dire consequences as he gets hooked and eventually has to come to grips with it and attempt to see if he can rise above. I still think that sounds awesome. Hell, Batman even has a beard in this!!!!

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Horror of Horrors: The Great White Shark

Disclaimer: there are some graphic images in this post.


Hello my enslaved minions, I would expand and write a slobbering, groveling introduction as my fellow brotherhood geeks do so well but being Lilith I hardly think that will be necessary.  The Oedipus Complex I am sure I inspire in all of you demon children will keep you coming back for more, and I’ve got a good one to wet your appetite today. We demon-mothers pride ourselves on giving birth to wicked progeny that can spread chaos and violence throughout the worlds, and while I think I might have a one up on her, I have to hand it to Mother Earth for her deep sea-living youngsters. In the heat of the summer I am sure you weaklings are getting your fill of sun at the beach, but don’t get to far from shore, especially on Cape Cod, unless you would like to join the ranks of rotting amputees the Great White Shark has left floating on the surface.

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