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Reviews From the Crypt – American Vampire

Let’s have a nice warm welcome for our newest contributor here at, Flaccid Snake.


 You’d be a fool not to read the following review.


This is the first collection of the (2010) comic book series, American Vampire. I’m not typically a huge vampire fan, (True Blood was good until maybe the third season and was pretty much dog shit after that) but this story interested me because it takes place in a Western setting and features two great writers. This was Stephen King’s first real foray into comics.

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Pulp Corner: Iron Man Noir

A few years ago, Marvel introduced a line of noir stories taking place outside of current Marvel continuity. Most of these were dark gritty 1940’s reimaginings of popular characters like Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Punisher and even the X-Men. Iron Man Noir decided to take a different approach and lean more heavily on pulp aesthetic rather than noir and honestly, it’s a much better book because of it.

Iron Man Noir cover

Released in 2010 as a 4 issue miniseries it contains some of the first comic book work of famed Batman scribe, Scott Snyder. Tony Stark is transformed into a Doc Savage/Indiana Jones type adventurer searching for mystical artifacts all over the world that could possibly cure his ailing heart condition. Able to finance these quests because of his vast wealth, Tony has them chronicled for a men’s adventure magazine which has made him into an international celebrity.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Batman #17

Afternoon Nerds!

Today we review Batman #17 in our Evil Geek Book Report! If you listened to our Bat-Cast a couple days ago than you know exactly how excited that we were to get our hands on this book and overall I’d say this it did not disappoint. This review will be spoiler-heavy so if you haven’t read it yet, then stop now and get your hands on the book, otherwise feel free to proceed!

Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

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Ep 008 – Next Stop…Gotham!

Good Morning Geeks!

In today’s episode of Transmissions from the Evil Lair we talk all things Batman. We’ve got a full house of geeks including Big Evil, C-Mart, Greekimus Prime, Biff Tannen, Arthur Harkness, Martian Luthir Kang 117th, and our special guest Professor Next!

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