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The Evil Geeks Holiday Interview Special w/ Michael Nathanson and Tamsen McDonough

We got you a present this year, Evil Geeks! Hope you dig interviews, because we have two incredible ones for you today. First up, C-Mart and Undies of Wondy talk with Michael Nathanson who can currently be seen as Agent Sam Stein in Netflix and Marvel’s The Punisher. After that, C-Mart talks with Tamsen McDonough who is better known as  Lucy on Syfy’s Killjoys. Fun fact: Both of today’s guests are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Michael because of his role as Sam, while Tamsen played a laboratory associate of Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk.

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Win a Prize Pack From Comet TV!


Hey there, Evil Geeks! It has been FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR too long since we’ve had the opportunity to sling some prizes at you, but our friends from are here to solve that problem. If you love cult classics, sci-fi flicks, or horror movies then you’ll want to check them out because they’re showing all of those types of movies for FREE! Read on for details on how you can win a sweet prize pack full of Comet-y goodness!

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Ep 171 – Christa Yelich-Koth Returns to the Evil Lair!



What’s up, Evil Geeks?!?! Today one of our favorite guests makes her THIRD appearance on the show! Christa Yelich-Koth… er, excuse me AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR Christa Yelich-Koth returns once again to the Evil Lair to talk about her latest book, Identity, which is the follow up to her space epic Illusion. We talk books, writing, Buffy, and much more!

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Who Review – The Magician’s Apprentice


What’s up, Evil Geek Whovians? It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve checked in with the Doctor, but Tardis travelling season is finally back! What’s our favorite Gallifreyan been up to since we last saw him? We’ll if you saw the recently released prequel to The Magician’s apprentice, you’ll know that he’s been keeping busy digging some wells and trying to do a little meditating. Why the wells? So he can finally get some decent tasting water! Why the meditation? Ummm, yeah… about that…

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Evil Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)


I did it. I saw Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie.

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TV From The Crypts: Star Trek – The Next Generation Season 1

Now that I’ve finally left the sexist and oppressive visions that the 1960’s had for future space travel, I can move on to the rigid and unrealistic views encountered in the 1980’s. I shouldn’t be that harsh, considering Roddenberry did indeed have very advanced notions for the show, but I am beginning to wonder if being a Trekkie means enjoying a science fiction oriented soap opera. Yet there were some more enduring and enjoyable themes in this series when compared to the original. So far I would say I enjoy it significantly more than the original. This time I’ve decided to delve in to that taking an episode by episode approach, so that you might be able to pick and choose which episodes you want to watch in the future.


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