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Ep 139 – Sam Chase Returns in ChaseCon II: This Time… It’s Personal


Hey Evil Geeks! The 2015 con season might be wrapping up, but there’s still a few big dates circled on our calendars. What dates you may ask? Well how about this October 24th – 25th! That’s when the next edition of ChaseCon will be going down! C-Mart talks with Sam Chase about gearing up for his second show. Get your tickets now, the Evil Geeks will see you there!

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Come Check Out the ChaseCon Cosplay Picnic This Weekend! (UPDATED)


Updated: Hey gang! Just wanted to let you know that due to circumstances beyond our control, the ChaseCon costplay picnic has been postponed.  The new date for the get together will be November 2, 2014. Might not be picnic weather, but it’ll still be a damn fine party. See you then Evil Geeks!


Hey there, Evil Geeks! It certainly takes a special event to get us to leave the Evil Lair.  Really if it were up to us, we’d never leave… or shower… or interact with non-Evil Geek humans. Every now and then though, an event will catch our eye and we just can’t help but witnessing it in person. This Saturday, August 30th, there just happens to be one of those events!  If you find yourself in the Upstate NY area that day, do yourself a favor and stop by the big ChaseCon Cosplay Picnic! That’s right, ChaseCon is coming and in order to get everyone hyped up, con founder Sam Chase is throwing a picnic. $10 will get you in the door PLUS food and drinks for the day! Come decked out in your finest cosplay because the entry  fee will also get you a free digital pic of yourself.  Both C-Mart and Undies of Wondy will be in attendance, so come say “Hi”! The proceeds from the event will not only benefit ChaseCon, but a portion will be donated to Transformation  House (T-House). If that’s not enough to get your geek glands pumping, then how about this: Sam’s going to be giving away a some  kick ass prizes pack to lucky attendees! So don your best costumes, head on by the ChaseCon Cosplay picnic to get some grub while supporting what’s shaping up to be a FANTASTIC CON and spend the day geeking out with Sam Chase and  the Evil Geeks!  The picnic will be held at 239 8th St. Fort Edward, NY 12828 and the festivities get underway at 3pm. See you there Evil Geeks!


ALSO: Don’t forget ChaseCon is rapidly approaching, so make sure you clear your calendar on April 25, 2015 and get your tix ASAP! The Evil Geeks will be there, so you should be too!

For more info on ChaseCon, head to the official con site!

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Ep 075 – Countdown to ChaseCon with Samuel Chase


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Coming April 25, 2015, it’s ChaseCon, the soon to be TOP CON in Upstate NY!!! Brought to you by founder Sam Chase’s tireless hard work and effort, the con will be a two day extravaganza of geekery, featuring an ever growing roster of guest stars AND a special LIVE recording of an episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair! Sam joins Arthur, Biff, C-Mart and Kang in the Evil Lair this week to talk about his burgeoning Con.  You can head over to for more info on the con or follow ChaseCon on Twitter @ChaseConExpo or on Facebook at chaseconexpo. Also, be sure to check out the Evil Geeks at ChaseCon, where some lucky Evil Geeks might walk away with some sweet prizes! See you in April, Evil Geeks!

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