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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Grand Theft Auto V

GTA-image-1Welcome Evil Geek gamers! it’s time to talk the title that’s currently keeping me occupied, making me miss appointments, and calling in sick to work… well that is until a new game comes along and pretty much has the same effect, regardless the game that’s got me glued to my widescreen is the one, the only, the notorious Grand Theft Auto V.  Intros? Seriously, if you’re reading this column and you don’t know anything about the GTA franchise or Rockstar Games, then get the F@#$ out.  Seriously, just get the F@#$ out right now and if I ever see you here, so help me Thanos I will go all Tommy Vercetti all over your noob ass with a baseball bat!!!  Good, now that the freaks are gone we can get down to business.

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