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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Pendraggin’ Ass

Welcome once more to the ever-expanding fine art gallery  housed within our Evil Lair.

Today’s highlighted work is a return to tradition for the Evil Geeks Art Collective. Separate illustrations of the same topic drawn by Arthur Harkness and Biff Tannen combined into a perfect work of art through science.

While no particular source material was supplied, it will become apparent that at least one of our artists was working with this in mind:

Arthur Original

I won’t waste your time with words. There are no words.

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Who Review – Robot of Sherwood


Greetings Whovians of the Evil Lair! If you possessed the ability to travel to any point throughout history, it’d be hard not to spend an enormous amount of time traveling through time in a quest to meet some of your true life heroes. How cool would it be to talk to General George Washington, fresh off of winning the Revolutionary War? Or maybe hitting up Julius Caesar’s coronation party? Eventually after meeting so many of these legends, you’d get to a point where you realize that much of what you’ve been told to be true about these people is nothing more than inflated fiction. The myths behind these heroes is exactly just that: myth. Now image the reverse happening, meeting someone who you’ve been told is a fictional character, but finding out that everything you’ve heard about them is in fact real? Well this week, the Doctor meets Robin Hood and we’re treated to one of the rare instances where the Doctor is wrong about something.

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