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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Favorite Costumes (Redux)

Many moons ago we brought you a Top 5 list of our favorite costumes across various mediums. This time Biff and Martian Luthor Kang revisited the idea with a keen eye and a finer toothed comb.

Biff Tannen

5) Iron Man Armor (MK III)


Iron Man’s well known red and gold armor is a masterwork of sleekness and simplicity, but it never stood out to me. Maybe because it has existed for the entire time I’ve been alive. Yet when I dove back and saw him for the first time with that armor and the oh-so 1960’s horns on it, I knew I was looking at something special. Designed by the legendary Steve Ditko the horned look didn’t stick around long, but man do I wish it did.

Bonus: The original giant silver armor (MK I) and the original giant gold armor (MK II)

I completely get why these were redesigned especially since they seem so incredibly bulky, but I just love that vintage 1960’s Sci-Fi B-Movie look.


Tales of Suspense #040_Page_08_Image_0001

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The Uncanny Dead

uncanny dead logo

It’s no secret that Robert Kirkman is a fan of 1980s-90s Marvel comics. Any reader of Invincible (and if you aren’t one, I recommend you rectify that tout de suite) can tell you that the fantastic series from Image is more or less a love song to books from that period and it would fit right in with those titles were it on the rack in 1989, save for its R rating.

However, while the comparisons between Invincible and Spider-Man are right at the surface, it’s a bit more difficult (and certain conjectural) to point out the similarities between the X-Men comics of yesteryear and the multi-media juggernaut that is The Walking Dead. Naturally the subject matter of the two series never overlap, the Walking Dead is a survival horror story set in a world only slightly different from our own and the classic X-Men stories are adventure tales in a wildly fantastic universe. But the characters, and the relationships between those characters are often so similar that I just can’t goddamn ignore it any longer.

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Evil Geek Book Report – The Walking Dead: Governor Special


Greetings and mutations, Evil Geeks!  Welcome to another installment of our 9,782,241,677 part series of Evil Geek Book Reports.  Today we’re rehashing Image and SkyBound’s rehashing of the origin of the Governor, arguably the greatest villain to come out of  The Walking Dead, either in the books or the TV show.  So join us, won’t you?  Step inside to the Evil Lair and prepare to be book reported at!

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The Walking Dead Zombie Round-Up: The Suicide King


The wait is over and the living dead are once again getting ready to invade our homes every Sunday, because The Walking Dead is finally back! TWD has become required Sunday night viewing here in the Evil Lair, not only because it lets me write these wrap-ups, but also because it’s such damn good TV! The mid-season finale left us on the edge of our seats as the folks from the prison invaded, then barely escaped Woodbury and the newly cycloptic Governor was forcing the Dixon Boys (that’s M’erl and D’erl to y’all) to fight to the death!

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