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Evil Geek Book Report – X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Awhile back, Martian Luthor Kang did an article about generally great writers who for whatever reason couldn’t hack it on X-Men titles. His inclusion of Brubaker piqued my interest and after reading many other reviews on his tenure with Marvel’s merry mutants I found that most people agreed with him. Generally speaking it seems this period is thought of with indifference or disgust. I haven’t read ALL of it yet, but with Marvel currently being in the midst of their far reaching Original Sin storyline I figured I’d go back and visit an earlier one by starting with the Deadly Genesis miniseries.


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Why I Hate Comic Books


The title of this post is a paradox, because I love comic books. However, there’s a ton of things that really bother me about them. As I’ve mentioned a few times on the website, I was a big comic fan in my youth but around 1996 I gave it up. I don’t really recall why either, I guess I just moved on to other things. In 2012 that all changed, the 16 year hiatus was over. Biff was back and goddamn was there a lot of catching up to do! I started with some older classics I hadn’t read like The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. Slowly I’ve been working my way up to more current series to follow. A lot had changed in those 16 years and I’m here to tell you what irks me about new comics as well as the old ones.

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