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What’s (Not) Killing My Social Life This Week – Resident Evil 6

Greetings Evil Geeks.  Normally I like to start out articles with a nice, big, warm greeting, but damn it…I’m not in a very welcoming mood right now.  I’ve been really hungry for a great game to play lately; something that wall completely envelope every single waking moment of my a life, spending days at a time sequestered in the Evil Lair locked into a depraved orgy of gaming.  When I got my hands on a copy of Resident Evil 6, I was hoping I had found that game.  With 6 playable campaigns, how could I not spend dozens of hours playing the game to accomplish each and every ending possible?  Well, read on and I’ll tell you exactly how that didn’t happen.

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The Horror! The Horror! …Also The Sci Fi!!: A Look Into My Dark Love Affair With Horror/Sci Fi Games Part 1

My hands are shaking. I have not seen another sane human being in days. Flashlight flickering, I make my way towards the bridge in hopes of finding a way out. Something…someone…everything has been following me. I keep my finger firmly on the trigger. I stalk the hallways quickly, but quietly, keeping my ears open for any sound, and my eyes rocketing back and forth searching for movement. They are nowhere and everywhere. My mind is racing with the horrors of what I have seen. Flesh twisted , bones broken, souls ripped from their bodies. Bodies melding, and forming new, horrific perversions of life.  Blood soaks the walls of this corridor. The streaks of hand smeared blood on the walls tell stories of the ones who did not make it. Torn screaming from their beds and work stations, they were handed over into the hands of God in a bloody mess of parts and offal. Were they the lucky ones? To die quickly at the beginning before being forced to experience the nightmare of loneliness and despair? I clutch my rifle tighter.

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