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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Yu Yu Hakusho


Well if it isn’t you guys again…..Welcome back to another edition of your favorite suggestions! I, of course, am your spiritual guide to the afterlife, and to the awesomely amazing. This week, I have something for you all that I think you are going to love, and hopefully just as much as I loved it. Back when Cartoon Network was all about Anime and before they decided to relegate it to the middle of the night block on Saturdays, they had a pretty solid line up of great Anime shows showing either right after school, or after 11 on Saturdays. Needless to say, Arthur was always a creature of the night, and stayed up late to watch if I didn’t get a chance to do so after school. I got into quite a few different things, much like Gundam and DBZ, and although DBZ took the cake for me, another show wound up stealing my affections and caused me to grow an obsession. That show ladies and gentlemen….was Yu Yu Hakusho.

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DC Comics Recommendations

Biff here and now that the holidays are over and everyone is reeling from all the joy and the presents that were spread around now we have to accept the fact that the winter season has only just begun. We had such a great time recommending things during the 12 Days Of Geeks-Mas we decided to give you a little more.

If you don’t know, all my comic allegiance goes to Marvel…it always has. It’s what I started with and what I picked back up on (except for a brief in between period where Image Comics ruled my life). The Marvel universe just feels comfortable to me. Even for the 15+ years I wasn’t reading comics, things may have changed but it was easy to dive back into. I know the characters, I know the history, I’ve formed bonds with them. To me it always seemed that since a lot of DC’s flagship characters were created in the 1940’s and 50’s they always seemed a little more dated and dull compared to the bulk of the Marvel characters that were created in the 60s.

I’ve read exactly three DC books, Watchmen, Batman: Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, all of which I enjoyed. I’ve never read any Superman but I do have a copy of Allstar Superman and Superman: Red Son at home waiting for me. When I heard the premise of Red Son I was intrigued enough that I had to pick it up.

That’s it, that’s the entire extent of my DC reading. Obviously, I know about other prominent characters in the universe but nothing in great detail. So we figured we would let our in house DC experts Big Evil, Martian Luthor Kang and Arthur Harkness recommend some series and trade paperbacks for me.

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Moon Knight Recommendations

Ah, Moon Knight one of Marvel’s most interesting C-level characters. I want to like Moon Knight, I really do. I’ll admit that I’ve never read any of his series (with the exception of the first issue of his inaugural series from 1980 by Doug Moench). I was drawn in at first by the costume which as I previously mentioned, I find to be so dark and menacing but because it’s white is has reverse feelings on your senses. His origin story is very interesting too. A former mercenary operating in Egypt, he was left for dead in the desert after showing compassion and eventually found and dragged into a pyramid where he was given powers by the god, Khonshu. After years of fighting crime and assuming other personalities in his “regular” life, he’s become a complete mental case. What’s not to like?

As I wandered like a Hobbit around the lawless internet trying to find out more information, I kept coming up disappointed. From what I read, it seems almost every Moon Knight series (and there’s been 5 or 6) is not particularly well-regarded. They all have some kind of problems that result in them being brushed off and better left forgotten. The latest series, penned by Brian Michael Bendis appears to be the most tolerable. I’m very curious about one of the ones prior to that in 2006 by Charlie Houston that’s supposedly very, very dark. But I’ve read nothing but middling to awful reviews for it.

That’s where we’re at. So I thought I’d reach out to our readership and see if they could help me out with some recommendations for Moon Knight. Lay it on me!

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