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Ep 076 – The Stallone Film Society Presents Evil Movie Night: Rambo 3

The Evil Geeks head back to the movies this week as C-Mart and Paulo Pinta watch and discuss the latest installment of the Sylvester Stallone Film Society – Rambo 3.  They also play the Rambo 3 Genesis game which actually turns out to be much more entertaining than the actual movie.  Join us as we talk up the third chapter of in the epic saga of this cinema icon and take away some knowledge from the book of Sly Moves on this episode of Evil Movie Night!

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Paulo Pinta Presents: Six Reasons Why Sylvester Stallone Has Broken Out of Prison

 Hey there Evil Geek’s, here’s a companion piece to the Stallone Film Society’s Tango & Cash podcast and their Demolition Man podcast also, fresh from the mind of Paulo Pinta.


Sylvester Stallone is the man. He made the name Sylvester cool again. Before him it was reserved for cats with speech impediments. His movies are full of men with awesomely ridiculous names-Marion Cobretti, Lincoln Hawk, Deke DeSilva-a name I couldn’t write without being spell checked a thousand times-and many many more. Regardless of the characters name, Sly, who also writes many of his movies, likes to put many of his characters in a similar situation-the prison break. Sylvester Stallone likes to break out of prison, that’s all there is to it. And odds are he’s going to do it again. Here are six reasons why Sylvester Stallone has broken out of prison:

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