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Villain Spotlight: Ralph Fiennes

You might be wondering where I am coming from with a villain spotlight about an actor, but it’s funny how certain actors can be typecast and then become that type of character in your mind permanently. When someone asks me who might be the worst, most-evil, heinous villain I can think of from a movie I can’t think of one person, but Ralph Fiennes comes to my mind because of his portrayal of a couple of characters. Fiennes has portrayed two of the most malevolent characters I can think of from various movies: Lord Voldemort and Amon Goeth. Lord Voldemort is a name most people associate with terror, and Amon Goeth, whose name you may not recognize, has come to represent all that was horrific and wicked with the Nazis. Fiennes also portrayed a serial killer with none other than Hannibal Lecter in Red Dragon but his roles in the Harry Potter films and Schindler’s List were probably much more memorable, so I will stick with them.

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