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Follow Up From Last Weekend’s West Coast APE

Welcome to the Alternative Press Expo!

Welcome to the Alternative Press Expo!

Hey geeks! Sorry it took me so long to post about my adventure at the APE last weekend, I’ve been spending the week communing with my four-legged friends like usual and am just now getting some time to write about my experience. Well sadly it wasn’t NYCC, but while I was a little jealous of my villanous counterparts on the east coast, it was a whole new experience for a comic-virgin like myself. You see, the APE stands for The Alternative Press Expo, and it originated 20 years ago when some comic-officionados by the name of Dave Sim and Dan Vado decided to host a convention for smaller, independent publishers to get away from the DC and Marvel dominated regular comic-cons. Their creation caught on with writers, artists, and publishers, and now for 20 years the APE has been one of the leading indie comic events every year.

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