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Villain Spotlight: Prince Humperdinck

Greetings my traitorous friends, Lilith has hijacked the Villain Spotlight this week, bringing you two posts about The Princess Bride in one day. Today I want to spotlight Prince Humperdinck, a fellow treacherous scoundrel that we all love and admire.  There are so many vile monsters we could talk about from this movie, including Vizzini, the albino torturer, and the infamous 6-fingered man. But Prince Humperdinck is probably the most wicked of them all.


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Brovember 27 – Fezzik and Inigo

Most people think of romance when they think of The Princess Bride, being that it is such a timeless love story. However, I find myself enjoying the bromance more than the relationship between Buttercup and Westley. The bromance of course being between two of the best characters of the story: Fezzik and Inigo Montoya.

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