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Brovember Day 10 – Jesse Custer and Pronsias Cassidy

Today’s featured bromance is far from perfect, but I ask you to look upon your own relationships…are any of them without flaw?  Can you truly say that you and your college buddy have a healthier relationship than this ex-minister and his friend the alcoholic Irish vampire?

Jesse Custer and Pronsias Cassidy

Jesse Custer and Cassidy 2

Who appeared together in, you guessed it, the comic book “Preacher”.

Spoilers to follow, but if you really ought to read Preacher anyway.

When Jesse Custer was violently possessed mid-sermon by Genesis (the offspring of a demon and an angel), he is rescued by his ex-girlfriend Tulip and her new acquaintance Cassidy. The two become fast friends, adventuring across the United States meeting all sorts of characters, and it starts to become apparent that Cassidy has led a long an disastrous life. Everyone they met with whom Cassidy has had a previous interaction is either dead or close to it. Still, when Cassidy fell into the hands of The Grail, a fanatical shadow organization dedicated to preserving Christ’s bloodline, Jesse came to his rescue. That’s  a mighty cool thing to do for a fellow you’ve just met.  Likewise, Cassidy had actually allowed himself to be kidnapped to let Jesse escape, and endure horrible torture to protect Jesse and Tulip. The guy was trying, all right? Sure, he was a piss-poor human being but he had actual friends again and he wasn’t going to let things fall apart this time.

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