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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Will-o’-the-wisp

Happy Saturday geeks, hope your weekend is gloriously filled with creatures, monsters, and all those adventures you couldn’t partake on during the work week. Here is your faithful Lilith trying to start your weekend off right again with another creature spotlight, this week focusing on a creature that is otherworldly while at the same time not extraterrestrial. Today I bring you the ever elusive Will-o’-the-wisp.


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This is So Freaking Cool!!!

Mornin’ Geeks!

Hope your New Years Eve was a blast and the hangover wore off quickly! I was trolling the internet and found this little piece of awesomeness that is just amazing! Apparently there is an animator for Pixar known as Everett Downing who has vowed to make an original super person (hero, villian, or otherwise) every day for a year!!!
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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 2: Movies


Even Ray Stantz is in a Holiday Mood for our 2nd Day of Geeksmas!

Even Ray Stantz is in a Holiday Mood for our 2nd Day of Geeksmas!

For the second of The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas we are proud to bring you gift recommendations that connects oh so many of us, in fact one could say it’s what makes us human. You guessed it, it’s the attraction to bright and shiny moving objects, otherwise known as MOVIES (bum bum bummmmmmmm…)

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