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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Favorite Costumes (Redux)

Many moons ago we brought you a Top 5 list of our favorite costumes across various mediums. This time Biff and Martian Luthor Kang revisited the idea with a keen eye and a finer toothed comb.

Biff Tannen

5) Iron Man Armor (MK III)


Iron Man’s well known red and gold armor is a masterwork of sleekness and simplicity, but it never stood out to me. Maybe because it has existed for the entire time I’ve been alive. Yet when I dove back and saw him for the first time with that armor and the oh-so 1960’s horns on it, I knew I was looking at something special. Designed by the legendary Steve Ditko the horned look didn’t stick around long, but man do I wish it did.

Bonus: The original giant silver armor (MK I) and the original giant gold armor (MK II)

I completely get why these were redesigned especially since they seem so incredibly bulky, but I just love that vintage 1960’s Sci-Fi B-Movie look.


Tales of Suspense #040_Page_08_Image_0001

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Fatman on Batman: The Dini Dossiers

Afternoon Nerds…
“Happy Batman Day” to you!

The Best Damn Animated Show Ever...

The Best Damn Animated Show Ever…

To finish our day devoted to “The Bat” I’d like to do another shout-out to one of the best Bat-related things out there right now…Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman! If you’ve followed us for awhile, this may sound familiar to you from an earlier entry in the fall, but Mr. Smith has returned for a Volume 2 of this wonderful podcast series in which he gets a bat-related guest and dishes all things Batman. Previous guests have included Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Ralph Garman, Walt Flanagan, Mark Hamill, and a slew of others!
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