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What They Should Have Done: Paranormal Activity

Arthur Harkness Goes to the Movies - PA

Come one come all to another wonderful show! I was debating on whether or not to give you guys some suggestions this week, or another installment of What They Should Have Done, the new internet sensation that is sweeping the nation like so much chlamydia. I figured I gave you guys a decent suggestion last week, which C-Mart elaborated on as well since we have both been trying to keep the streets safe in Gotham, and that I should hunker down for a bit, and crank one of these bad boys out. Besides, these are just too much fun for me not to do. I was thinking that since I gave my last Halloween hoorah for 2013 on Friday, that I should probably try to do something non-horror based, and in the process came up with something completely non-horror, and a documentary as well! A documentary you say? Yes that is correct my legions of rabid followers. This week, I bring to you, a very Arthur Paranormal Activity!

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