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Ep 048 – Con-Sense!


Hop aboard the newest episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair as C-Mart, Biff Tannen, Martian Luthor Kang, and Arthur Harkness talk about their New York Comic Con 2013 experience and then look forward to some new upcoming projects.  It’s the lowdown on the Nerd Super Bowl and what’s happening in comics!

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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Costumes of NYCC 2013


Ahoy-hoy Evil Geeks!  It certainly was a crazy few days at the Javits last week and quite frankly, the Evil Geeks are all still laying about the Evil Lair in full on recovery mode.  Arthur’s been conjuring up all kinds of crazy shit using the blood of fallen cosplayers.  C-Mart’s been floating around in his M.O.D.O.K. chair all week.  Biff’s been in sort of a trance, just continually building an exact replica of the Convention Center out of Legos.  And Big Evil…well, no one’s actually seen him since he got into that fistfight with a horde of teens dressed as obscure anime characters.  We keep getting garbled voice mail messages from him, but we stopped listening after the first 36 or so.  When we could get a word out of the guys, those words were barely audible references to the hundreds of outstanding costumes that everyone had put together for the con.  Here’s what we think are each of their 5 favorite costumes from the show according to their garbled ramblings.

Biff Tannen

This is a list of my top 5 favorite cosplays of NYCC, I can tell you that it very quickly turned into me picking my 5 favorite characters that I saw represented. There’s something about seeing a character you love in the flesh that really is amazing.

5.) Typhoid Mary


This was one of two Typhoid Marys we saw at this convention, but I was so pleased that she went the route of the late 80’s early 90’s incarnation and the classic purple attire. My inner Daredevil fan rejoiced.

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Biff’s Pics: NYCC 2013 Cosplay and the Show Floor

Hey Nerds!
This weekend we sent Biff out around NYCC as our sort-of Man on the Street and although he hasn’t surfaced, luckily his camera has! So here’s an extra dose of NYCC 2013 for ya… Enjoy!

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Watch the Superman 75th Anniversary Short RIGHT NOW!!!

Hey Geeks!


Any good nerd knows that 2013 marks Superman’s 75th anniversary and as I reported to you a couple months back, Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm were making an animated short depicting the 75 year history of this beloved character. Well this weekend at NYCC 2013 DC finally unveiled the animated short and it is nothing less than amazing!
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NYCC 2013: The Pics – After Hours Parties!!!

Happy Monday Nerds!

Sniff…Sniff…NYCC 2013 is over :(, but on the up-side we did have a great time! Last week we mentioned that NYCC is code for Nerd Vegas and that the Late Night events are just as important as the show itself!

This year we checked out Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith and the guys from Comic Book Men, Image Comics’ After Party, Legendary Films’ Meetup, Rock ComicCon, and Yaya Han’s Cosplay After Party! (Which was an absolute blast!!!) Here’s a Gallery of some of our Late-Night adventures…Make sure to check this stuff out next year!!!

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NYCC 2013: The Pics; Day 3

Hey Geeks!

Day Three of NYCC was insane! The Geeks were all over the floor, meeting people, taking pictures, and seeing tons of cool stuff! If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to check out our galleries from Day One and Day Two to get the whole NYCC experience!

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