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Calling All Comic Book Nerds, I Need Your Help!

At Comic Con I was leisurely strolling through Artist Alley where all the mainstream and independent writers and artists set up shop. I saw a comic book character with a really interesting costume and made a mental note to follow up on it later on. Yea, well I was so overwhelmed with the general awesomeness and nerd art there that I totally forgot. So I’ve been asking around and searching the internet with zero results. I figured I would reach out to the readers and frequenters of the site to see if I could find out any information.

I’m pretty positive it was an independent book and all I have to go on was the character’s costume since it stood out to me. It was an all blue body suit with a black exclamation point covering most of the face mask. That’s it, that’s the only information I have.

If anyone has knowledge on the character, the artist or the company; please comment below.


Retro Cartoon Art

Incredible artist and certified geekologist Tom Whalen has unveiled new nerd art that will be making its exclusive debut at New York Comic Con .Get ready all you Saturday morning cartoon watching 1980’s nostalgia hounds because this is the real deal!



And just like the Constructions these mother fuckers combine:

Like your 80’s cartoons a little less metallic and a lot more human? Well he’s got you covered there too:

G.I. Joe:



Check Tom’s website  for more certified nerd art or check back here for future spotlights on his work. For those of you looking for these particular prints at Comic Con he will be in booth 1681.

The NYCC Comes Through For the Evil Geeks!

Good Afternoon all you Evil Geeks out there!  When we last left you yesterday we were a sad bunch of emo bitches as we were in the homestretch of the countdown to the con, but we were still waiting to get our tickets.  Much moping was had by all in the Evil Lair. :”'(

BUT, just as the funk of our downtrodden, unwashed, nerd bodies was about to become unbearable, we decided to shamble down to the old Evil Mailbox (naturally, with our untied bathrobes swinging in the breeze and our faces unshaven canvasses of moroseness) and lo and behold what do we find?

Yes, that is our Evil Stripey Bed Sheet in the background.

SALVATION AT LAST!!!!  The con passes have arrived!  Much apologies if we sounded down on the con yesterday, again it wasn’t our intention to sling crap at the people who put on the show, but to give you an inside look at the ups and downs of being a geek.  We all love geek culture and nerd life so much, that when our prospects for returning to “The Promised Land” of the New York Comic Con are threatened, we get a little distressed. We were hoping to get some press passes, in hopes that we’d be able to bring the rest of the Brotherhood some interviews and such from the Con, but it looks like we didn’t make the cut.  Sadly, it looks like the Evil Media will be grossly under-represented this year.  No worries, it’s all good.  We’ve always got hopes for next year!

I pity the foo’s who keeps these Evil Geeks from their Con!

So all is finally right here at the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks!  Once again this year we will be stalking the aisles and alleys of the Javitz Center, grabbing up all the free swag we can get our greasy hands on and hunting for uber-bargains and unique buys.  We’re in final prep mode for the show, tickets are booked for the con and for The Nerdist podcast on Friday night (of course we’ll have a review for you!), money is saved, and we’re picking out locations for Evil boozing opportunites in the city the weekend of the con.  We at the Brotherhood  certainly hope to see you there!  Maybe if you can find us, we just might have some Brotherhood of Evil Geeks swag of our own to give away of  this year (more to come!).


Yeah, No Seriously. Where the F%&# Are My Tickets?

Greetings Evil Geeks.  I wish I could report that all is well here on Asteroid G, but we’ve been simmering up a big ass batch of not well for the past few days.  We’re only two weeks away from the Nerd-pocalypse that is the New York Comic Con, but instead of rejoicing in the glow of the impending amazingness, we’re furiously pacing the halls of the Evil Geek Lair repeatedly asking ourselves one question: WHERE IN THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL ARE OUR TICKETS!!!!!

If you thought ol’ Brucie was pissed after the Illuminati accidentally killed his wife, just wait and see what happens if we end up missing the con. It’s actually going to be the Marvel crossover event next Summer: World War Evil Geek!

I realize that the con people are trying to manage a gargantuan amount of ticket orders, but give me a freaking break here!  I ordered these tickets back in June, specifically just to make sure that we were ensured access to the con.  I wanted this problem squared away, I wanted to not have to worry about it, it SHOULD be an afterthought right now, but here we are.  We’re two weeks away from the show and our Evil Ticket Vault is despairingly empty.  What the holy hell NYCC?  What’s the point of having people order so far in advance, but making us sweat it out on the ass end of the waiting period?  You certainly didn’t have a problem charging our credit card for those tickets, why don’t I have them in my hand by now?!?!

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Credit Card: Never leave the Evil Lair without it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to throw shade at the hardworking folks who bust their asses to assemble this amazing experience every year, but I’m starting to get a little concerned.  I wish I was able to say that this is the first time the Brotherhood has experienced Con Ticket Related Anxiety, but it isn’t.  Last year, if you had coughed up the extra 30 bones to get a ticket to the recording of “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, it was never really made clear to you that they weren’t going to mail you the actual tickets for the event, but instead you had to wait in line at the show and pick them up there.  After we were getting close to the show date and I still was without the tickets, I called their customer service department and was actually told that they were mailing the tickets to us soon, which was an outright lie.  I called them up again they day before the show and finally was told how it was all going down.  I’m worried I”m currently trapped in the middle of yet another customer service nightmare involving the con again.

I’m trying to stay positive until I know for sure that something is wrong, but signs are pointing to trouble.  Our Evil Geek Spies have reported that others have already received their tickets, so we’re officially upping our readiness alert to Defcon 4.  Prove me wrong NYCC.  Please prove me wrong.  Ok, anger vented, rage subsiding, urge to smash vanishing…   Oh look, the Green Lantern movie is on.  Anger rising, rage returning…


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