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Snack Time With The Evil Geeks

Lunchboxes were a rite of passage growing up and the Evil Geeks got together to discuss their most memorable. Many heated debates were spurred over these around the lunch table, so don’t forget to weigh in and tell us what yours was.

Biff Tannen Nintendo-Power-Lunch-Box

I loved this fucking thing. It’s the only lunchbox I ever remember having. I’m still strangely proud of owning this. Shit, I’ll rep Super Mario 2 until the day I die. Not to mention, you already know my feelings on Zelda 2. So this was a gift from the heavens for me. What’s a little strange is that it’s actually promoting the Super Mario Brothers: Super Show, which I was a big fan of. You know, the one that had a Zelda cartoon on Fridays!? Yet, that’s what Mario and Luigi looked like on the show, but not Link and that insane Hyrulian knight he’s fighting. To top it off too it’s being presented by Nintendo Power in conjunction with some company called Aladdin? That’s all kinds of weird. It seems like they are trying to capitalize on the show without actually saying that that’s what it is. Good move Nintendo, I wouldn’t want to give Viacom and a company named DiC any more money either.

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Evil Geek Archaeology: The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks and the Ancient Scrolls of Ninh-Tehn-Doh

Greetings Evil Geeks!  A few weeks back I reported on a surprising find, unearthed in the ancient tombs beneath the Evil Lair:  A massive treasure trove of old G.I. Joe Personnel Cards, checklists, and promotional materials!  Luckily the Evil Lair is a gift that keeps on giving.  Along with the Joe documents, a trove of Nintendo materials dating as far back and the antiquitous times know as the 1990’s.  Marvel at how our geek forefathers lived in the pre-internet era.  Such quaint notions! Such primitive technologies! How could they possibly live like that?!?! Regardless, this was a stunning find, so get out your tiny little brushes, because it’s excavatin’ time!

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