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Panel Of The Day 6/12/15

Taking a cue from a previous panel of the day when we featured a comic book ad we bring you 1987’s The Fall Of The Mutants.


After the unexpected success of the Mutant Massacre crossover the year before featuring (the then current X-Titles) Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants Marvel demanded more. For better or worse going forward we’d now more or less get a company mandated X crossover yearly. Some were ok and some were pretty fucking far from ok (X-Cutioner’s Song I’m looking in your direction). However with this particular crossover the events of each title don’t intersect or dovetail like the previous Mutant Massacre. Here the idea for the crossover is more thematic where each team undergoes a very big and relatively dark change. This is where in the pages of X-Factor Angel first became Archangel, a horseman of Apocalypse spinning out of the events of the last crossover. The X-Men die in an epic battle in Dallas only to be resurrected of course but the world at large watches them die on the news. They are given the Siege Perilous which will come into play a little further down the line and change X-Men history forever.  The New Mutants well…they did New Mutant type things but it did result in the death of member Doug Ramsey.

It’s a pretty dark period for Marvel’s Merry Mutants and this in house comic ad by then X-Men artist Alan Davis perfectly showcases that perfectly.

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A Glimpse Into Phil Noto’s Artwork

I’ve recently become fascinated by Phil Noto’s art. Not only is it strangely beautiful, but it also has a particular design atheistic that is very appealing to me. A lot of his work feels like it would be equally at home in a high end fashion magazine as well as a comic book. While his current day job sees him doing interior’s for Marvel’s Black Widow series with writer Nathan Edmonson here is a sampling of what else he’s done.



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Villain Spotlight: Magneto

Today we turn the spotlight to a man who, for all his ups and downs, is perhaps the finest villain in the Marvel Universe.

Magneto has definitely evolved from the madman who first appeared in the pages of X-Men #1. Originally, he wasn’t too far removed from the fascists who we would later learn had set him on his course to misanthropy. He led a goose-stepping army in his tyrannical crusade toward the destruction of another race and showed no signs of humanity.


Also, he had psychic powers sometimes.


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Brovember Day 7 – Doug Ramsey and Warlock

One week into the month of Brovember and there’s no turning back now.  Today’s entry, like the first, focuses on a couple of friends of the Xavier Academy, but this time around they’re underclassmen:

Doug Ramsey and Warlock

Doug and Warlock 3

High school wasn’t easy for most folks. It’s an awkward time in your development as a human being and teenagers are bastards. It’s a popularity contest, and despite what 80s comedies tell you, the underdogs rarely wind up becoming the prom kings. Now, imagine a high school populated with super-powered teenagers… psychics, werewolves, invincible rednecks who can turn their legs into rocket boosters. Now imagine that you transfer in, and your gift is to understand any language. It’s not very sexy, is it?  I mean, it’s a very practical job in day to day life, you’d make a killing at the United Nations, but it’s not exactly going to get you laid at Xavier’s Homecoming Dance.

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