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Evil Geek Book Report – Infinity #1

It’s that time of year again… Marvel is launching their next big event!  Ever since the success of House of M and the even greater success of Civil War, the House of ideas has, to varying degrees of success, launched a line-wide event each year.  And while they can’t all be smash-hits (I’m looking at you, Shadowland and Chaos War) they all at least start off big and shake things up a bit in the year following. Howver, since House of M all of the major events have more or less been one grand continuing story… and don’t get too excited, I’m not implying that they’re a glorious epic with a magnificent scope. I’m just saying that they don’t actually end… they trickle off into “Aftermath” series, which eventually lead back into the next year’s event. It appears, however, that with Bendis off of the Avengers books, that’s come to an end.

Infinity 1 Cover

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Ep 009 – Top 5 Live…Comic Book Fight Scenes!!!

Hello Nerds!

The name really says it all! In today’s podcast, the Geeks reminisce about their Top 5 Comic Book Fight Scenes… We laugh, we cry, then we laugh a lot more! Sit back and enjoy our tales of comic panel violence!

The Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown: Top Comic Book Fight Scenes!

Who run Evil Lair?!?!?

Who run Evil Lair?!?!?

This one was a no brainer as far as Top 5’s go.  Whenever you’re talking funny books with you friends, there’s always one topic that comes up again and again: What was your favorite comic book fight?  This month the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks is bringing you their top 5 favorite fight scenes not only here on the web site, but we’re also going to be featuring a Top 5 Live podcast to go along with it, where Arthur Harkness, Big Evil, and C-Mart go over everyone’s top 5 list and discuss the match-ups in depth.  That will be hitting the site and iTunes in a few hours, so to get you ready for the show, here’s each of the Evil Geeks Top 5:


Fight scenes are a natural product in the comics business. Sometimes, you just can’t talk someone down. You have to punch them and then drop a skyscraper on top of them. I realized this while arguing on the phone at work, and wished that I could Ray Palmer my way into the phone to slice this person’s ear with a tiny sword. Now folks in readerland, don’t think good ol’ Arthur here is an asshole….Sometimes…people just need a good whoopin.It got me thinking though, and I invited my fellow contributors to join me in naming off our top 5 favorite fight scenes in comics. You guys ready? Falcon Puuuuuuuunch!!!!

5) Deathstroke embarrasses everyone (Identity Crisis):

deathstroke identity crisis

Holy f was this fight awesome. The fact that he systematically just takes everyone out without really much trouble at all is just ridiculous. Granted he doesn’t win the fight, he still makes sure to let all involved that he is not to be fucked with.

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