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Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Destiny

About a year before Doctor Doom showed up in the pages of Fantastic Four, Doctor Destiny first appeared in Justice League of America. The characters are not very similar in terms of their M.O.s or their backstories but their ominous names and general design are reminiscent of one another. The cape and cowl alongside the spooky mask paired with the Doctor lofty D-Word sort of makes me wonder if this wasn’t another aspect of the Fantastic Four that was inspired by a DC comic.

Doctober Doctor Destiny

Skeletor has some explaining to do, as well.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Harry Potter Books on CD

Welcome back evil geeks, it’s time for Lilith to take the suggestions column hostage and seed your little brains with her recommendations. This week’s column is dedicated to all you book-lovers out there, and I know there are many of you amongst our followers. Read on for some incredible advice and a never-dull tale.


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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Good Omens

Welcome back to another round of Let Me Put My Suggestions In You! I as always, am your handsome devil and avenging angel, Arthur Harkness, and this week I am brining you a hell of a recommendation. Now most of you may know that I have a love for Neil Gaiman (healthy, of course. Not just yet an obsession) and tend to recommend or entice you to read his novels and watch his episodes of Doctor Who, but I just can’t get enough of his wonderful stories, and I feel like it is a personal mission in life to send them over to you all as well. This week, I am focusing on a little gem that I stumbled upon mainly by accident, much like the Graveyard Book (fantastic read as well) titled Good Omens. So get your holy water ready, because this one is a sneaky devil!

good omens cover

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Villain Spotlight: The Man Jack

Good afternoon my denizens of the dark. I come to you today with a look at someone that may or may not be one of the most intriguing villains I have ever had to pleasure of meeting. The trouble is, there isn’t that much to him, and there isn’t that much written about him. He is more of a living specter who walks the earth, but doesn’t seem to belong to it. The funny thing is, he is only mentioned a few times throughout this book, but he has such a menacing and engrossing presence that it would be a shame for me to not introduce you all. The book I am referring to is a brilliant piece of fiction titled “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. If you all know me, you know that I love Mr. Gaiman and look forward to every novel he writes and every episode of Doctor Who he creates for us. So it will come as no surprise that I chose this gentleman for this week’s Villain Spotlight. Boys and girls, I give to you…The Man Jack.


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Who Review – Nightmare In Silver


If you listen closely Evil Geeks, you’ll hear the gentle whirring of the TARDIS materializng which can only mean one thing: A new Who Review is upon us!  This week we’ve got a tremendous episode ahead of us, as we see not only the return of the slow, clunky menace that be the Cybermen PLUS if that’s not enough to get your Whovian sense tingling, Neil Gaiman is back to pen the episode.  Someone get me a can opener, because we’re getting to the heart of these robotic terrors!

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