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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Griffin

Hello again my faithful followers, I am saddened to say that this weekend’s creature comforts column is probably going to be dismal in proportion to last week’s spotlight of the awe-inspiring dragon, but we are focusing on another pretty famous monster this weekend. Today I bring you the griffin, closely related to some of the previous creatures we’ve talked about here like the hippogriff and sphinx. This creature is a mixture of the most powerful creatures of the animal kingdom on land and in the air: it has the body and tail of a lion while it adorns the head, wings, and front talons of an eagle.


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Some People Dream Big, The Evil Geeks Dream In Legos

Lego sets are in no short supply in the confines of the Evil Geeks Lair. After we learned about the upcoming Back To The Future Lego sets it made us think about some of the other franchises we would like to see made into Legos. A lot have already been done like Indiana Jones, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, both DC and Marvel characters etc. But there’s a few the Evil Geeks are still waiting on…

Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

The hypothetical LEGO set nearest my heart would have to be Die Hard. I’ve always wanted to see a decent-sized Lego skyscraper anyway, and a miniature Hans Gruber in the boardroom would only make it that much more appealing. Imagine having a miniature John McClane jumping off that tiny roof with fire hose piece clipped between his torso and leg pieces, contacting a little trick window that gives way a few stories down… I’m imagining it so hard that I need to change the subject.

hose jump

However, as far as tie-ins with more mainstream appeal, a dream combination (although staggeringly unlikely) would be a G.I. Joe Lego line. It would be so much fun to see all of the vehicles translated to brick form and with the preexisting models to work with, they’d have years worth of unique sets to release. Plus, a Lego GI Joe video game would be a blast and we might finally get another chance to play with the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier base!


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