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TV From The Crypts: Star Trek – The Original Series Season 1

That’s right nerds, your very own Lilith Assisi is embarking on another mission in to the crypts of retired TV shows. I am going to boldly go where no other Star Wars fan has willingly gone before. I am going to watch all of the old Star Trek TV series and movies. It might take me a year, or three, but I will do it. You can thank J.J. Abrams and my muse The Veganaut for inspiring me to tackle this mission in the first place. Like many children of the 80’s and 90’s I was and forever will be a Star Wars fan. But what my young and elitist mind did not know was that Star Wars and Star Trek do not have to be mutually exclusive. Yes, they are two very different science fiction stories, but contrary to popular believe you do not have to side with just one storyline. While it is later in life than I would have liked, I am now learning I can balance my use of the force with my Vulcan mind melds.


In the last month I went as far back as I could and started with Season 1 of the Original Star Trek Series. That’s right, William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy galore, with all the 60’s props and effects you could hope for. I now bring you my favorite aspects of this season and why you too should travel back (or forward depending on how you look at it) in time to enjoy this masterpiece from Gene Roddenberry. Spoilers to follow, continue at your own risk.

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