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Evil Movie Review: Suicide Squad


Last Thursday night I went to see Suicide Squad (SS). All in all, I liked the film. It passed my all important “How many times did I look at my watch” test with a score of 0. It was fun to watch and most of the characters were interesting. SPOILER ALERT! Although I will try to avoid too many spoilers, there is a chance there could be some minor ones.

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Ep 077 – Days of Future Podcast


Here it is X-Dweebs, the Evil Geeks dissect X-Men: Days of Future Past, the new movie from Fox, and give you their in depth take on pretty much anything with an X Gene. It’s an all hands on deck show as Arthur Harkness, Biff Tannen, Big Evil, C-Mart, Greekimus Prime, Lilith Assisi, and Martian Luthor Kang the 117th engage in a mutant melee!

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