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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Sarlacc

Happy weekend Star Wars nerds! Today we are venturing a little bit aways from Jabba’s Palace though staying on the planet of Tatooine. Today we meet a monster that will bring you a thousand deaths over centuries, a creature used for torture and punishment, an alien that should be both feared and revered: The Sarlacc.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Dragons

Welcome back to another epic creature post to fulfill your otherwise dismal weekend prospects. I am a little intimated by my topic today. Not because I don’t know what to write about, but more because I want to make sure I cover everything I set out to. You see, keeping up with the Game of Thrones theme I wanted to dedicate the last couple weeks to creatures featured in the blood-curdling show. And dragons are probably the number one reason I am shivering with anticipation for tomorrow’s GoT season four premiere. That’s right my faithful followers, today I bring you dragons. gots3_featured

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Back

I know I normally greet you all back to your favorite weekend column, but I guess I should be welcoming myself back. As you all know, I got a bit distracted last week and sadly found myself snatched by some repulsive troll. Naturally my wolves were on the way to my rescue when Arthur had to intervene, probably to keep himself more entertained than anything since my wolves and I had the situation under control. If you ask me, he just wanted another excuse to play with that tentacle-thingy of his from the earth. But I am back this weekend, and I am setting out alone this week, leaving my wolves and their lovely aroma of “troll farts” as my parting gift to the geeks still in the evil lair. Where am I off to? Well, last weekend I don’t think anyone adequately answered the riddle posed by the troll. I am not sure what your vote is, but I think the answer is “a river”. Arthur? Is it really wolves?  I think a river could be an answer as well. But I digress, the riddle this week is not where I am off to, but it did inspire me to pursue the mighty sphinx.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Skeksis

Welcome back my slimy reptilian followers. I spent awhile scratching my head with my claw this week, thinking what would be a good topic for the month of December here at your favorite monster adoring weekend column. Star Wars has loads of species we could talk about, The Southern Vampire Series has many more monsters than fangers, and Middle Earth is crawling with creatures we could discuss, but for some reason the holiday spirit made me think of Jim Henson. So folks, this month I am dedicating my posts on this column to creatures designed and imagined by the infamous Jim Henson, a mastermind in the world of fantasy. Today we start with your favorite antagonist from The Dark Crystal: Skeksis.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Thestrals

There are dozens of monsters and creatures in the Harry Potter series I would love to encounter, but I think thestrals are on the top of my list. Thanks to Greek mythology many of us are fascinated with the Pegasus like horses out there, but thestrals add a unique twist to the concept. This weekend we will fly alongside our Hogwarts classmates on this magnificent monster as we learn more about the magical creatures from Harry Potter’s world.


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