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Pulp Corner: Astor Alexander’s Nintendo Pulp Art

By combining two of my favorite things artist Astor Alexander’s work has zoomed to the top of my holiday wish list. I’m a big fan of the art of the Nintendo era, but I’m enamored with all things film noir and pulp especially the design specifics. So when I stumbled across these three prints it was a slam dunk for me. I really wish these were legitimate books…




You can purchase these as prints here and if you’re interested in following Alexander’s work or seeing more of it, check it out.

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Evil Geek’s Women’s History Month Warriors: Samus Aran

Incoming Transmission: Space Pirates have infested the Chozo ruins. Countless relics and historical artifacts have been compromised. Ridley has returned…the Metroids have been set loose, and the planet is dying. Samus… know what to do…..

samus 2

Welcome one and welcome all to Women’s History Month. I know the other geeks have been providing you (especially Lillith, you work wolf you) with some powerful and very important ladies over the last couple weeks. I have unfortunately been unable to throw my hat into this pool, until today that is. While thinking of which woman to choose for my piece of this pie that is Women’s History Month, I was sorely lacking in decision making abilities. Who would I choose? There are so many wonderful women in the world of comics, movies, games and everything in between, so you can see the challenge in choosing the proper one. On a tip from Biff, he reminded me of my absolute love of all things Metroid, and I felt like an idiot because I didn’t see it earlier. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Samus Aran.

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Four Old School Video Games That Should Be Comic Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Archie Comics’ Mega Man but it got me thinking besides a few notable exceptions why aren’t there more comic books based on old school video games? It seems like a strange oversight. Perhaps there’s an issue acquiring the legal rights, but never the less here is a hastily assembled list (with a little help from Arthur Harkness) of those that I feel could transition flawlessly.

1. The Final Fantasy Series 


Even if you only adapted the first 3 U.S. releases in the series you’d still have enough story to make a killer book. There’s a significant lack of high fantasy books on the shelf to begin with, throw in some incredibly iconic looking characters (Black Mage from FF1 anyone?), some cover art by concept designer Yoshitaka Amano and you got yourself a stew/book. The beauty of it is in the first game the plot is pretty basic, but you could incorporate so many more story points while keeping franchise essentials as part of it. The next two games (especially FF3) boast pretty complex storylines that would fit well if it were adapted.

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