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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V Logo

This game is not remarkably new. I’m obligated, and just a bit saddened, to admit by virtue of that fact that I am woefully out of touch with the world of video games. I can’t really use the excuse that I’m a grown-ass man, because I know many such men who still have their fingers pressed firmly upon the pulse of the video gaming world, but I lost my grip on it some time ago.

But there are still certain little corners on which I like to keep an eye. I buy Nintendo systems when they release new Zelda games for those systems, I anxiously await another Star Wars: Battlefront title.

And until recently, I maintained a dull, loveless marriage to the Metal Gear Solid series. I suppose it all started in my early years, when this advertisement showed up on the back of practically every Marvel comic.

Metal Gear NES Ad

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