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Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the Breaking News: Has the 12th been found?

Here’s a little late breaking news to spice up your Sunday, Evil Geeks:  Could it be that the above pictured ponderous looking chap is indeed the next Doctor?!?!  Multiple online news outlets, including The Telegraph UK, are reporting that 35-year-old Rory Kinnear has been offered the opportunity to replace the outgoing Matt Smith.  This however has not been confirmed by anyone at the BBC, but sources say that Kinnear has been offered the part and that the BBC is waiting to hear his acceptance.  Kinnear is probably best known here in the US as MI6 Agent Bill Tanner in the James Bond films Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

I’ll admit, I can see him i the role of the Doctor.  I’m a big fan of Matt Smith’s comedic styling of the Doctor, but Kinnear looks like he’d bring more of a seriousness and intensity to the part, so it’d be an interesting take.  I’m giving him the preliminary C-Mart Seal of Approval (the Walrus of Approval is out for cleaning this week), pending verification of his accepting the role.  Of course, how bad ass would it be if John Hurt just did one season as the future version of the Doctor before handing the torch to someone else?  Come on BBC, let’s get on that.  I promise I only want a producer credit on the episodes… and maybe a small honorarium, as well as a free lifetime pass to The Doctor Who Experience… and a TARDIS.  Not a real one, just a replica.  Karen Gillan has to deliver it though.  I digress, once we know whether or not this is the next inhabitant of the TARDIS, we’ll be sure to let you know.  Until then, make sure you keep the parking brake on when you take off or land!

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Talking ‘Bout My Re-Generation: Matt Smith To Hang Up His Sonic Screwdriver!


In case you missed the Whovian news-bomb that detonated this weekend, official word from the BBC is that come this December, Matt Smith will be leaving the TARDIS.  That’s right, Matt Smith’s personal Holiday gift to all of us will be an emotional punch in the stomach.  Great, that’s just how I wanted to end Christmas Night; sobbing uncontrollably!  Half the world is going to be asking for a hankie as a stocking stuffer this year.

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Who Review – Hide

Hello Evil Geeks and welcome to this weeks Who Review!  Last week gave us a fantastic episode featuring old school Who baddie, Skaldak the Ice Warrior, doing his best Jason Vorhees impression, murdering his way through a sinking sub beneath the Arctic Sea. This weeks episode drops the Doctor and Clara smack dab in the middle of a haunted house!  Are we getting a back to back dose of Whovian horror???  Sonic screwdrivers at the ready, Evil Geeks.  Let’s dig in and find out!

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Who Review – Cold War


Happy Sunday Evil Geeks!  Sunday mornings in the Evil Lair typically mean everybody only has one thing on their minds… WAFFLES!  You thought I was going to say Doctor Who didn’t you?  Well you’re wrong.  We’re the Evil Geeks, we don’t play to expectations.  We’re rogues, rebels, scallywags, and dare I say HOOLIGANS!  What do we talk about while stuffing our faces with said waffles though? Last night’s episode of Doctor Who!  That and the lively maple vs blueberry syrup debate are what usually dominate the Evil Breakfast Nook; but to hell with the syrup, we’re here to talk Who!

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Who Review – The Rings Of Akhaten


Happy Sunday Evil Geeks!  I don’t know about you folks, but I’m at the point in my life where whenever Doctor Who is in season, pretty much all day every Saturday is spent in anticipation of the upcoming episode.  Even though I usually DVR it and watch it shortly after it airs (just so I can skip through the commercials), I’m actively scheduling my Saturday nights to give me at least one free hour so I can check in with the Doctor.  After last week’s episode marking the first time Clara manged to live through an entire episode, the question looms of whether she would be able to make it through two episodes in a row?  You know, after dying and coming back so many times, could it be that Clara is just a reincarnated Rory?

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Who Review: The Bells of Saint John


Greetings Evil Geeks and welcome to our new weekly review of all things Who!  In my section of the Evil Lair, Doctor Who has become appointment TV whenever a new series starts.  Saturday nights everything comes to a halt for that one glorious hour of television, so I figured why not take the opportunity to write a weekly about everyone’s favorite Galifreyan.  After a bittersweet farewell to Amy and Rory at the mid-series finale and a Christmas special that saw Clara Oswald die for a heart-breaking second time, it goes without saying that there’s a great deal of anticipation built up as we start this second half of the series.  So how does the Doctor find another incarnation of the “Impossible Girl” and how does she do on her first official trip out as a companion? Let’s get the discussion underway and we’ll all find out!

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