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Evil Geek Book Report – Superman: Red Son


I’ve never read a single Superman comic in my whole life. As a character he never interested me, but ya know if I could be wrong about Daredevil why not the Man Of Steel? So when I heard about the premise of Red Son it was too interesting for me to pass up. The idea behind it is basically this, what would happen if in 1938 Superman didn’t crash in Kansas as a baby but ended up in the Soviet Union. How would history be different if during the height of the cold war communist Russia had control of the single most powerful entity on the world had ever seen? Powerful stuff and for most part this book delivers.

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Biff’s Picks Volume 3

People have been recommending this one to me since the moment I picked up a comic book again. Boy, was I happy they did. I bought it immediately but it sat in a stack of other comics for months until last week. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading it.


The Ultimates was written by Mark Millar, who I had a decent first encounter with and drawn by Bryan Hitch. We are focusing on Volume 1 which ran for 13 issues between 2002-2004. It was released as part of the Ultimate Universe which is an alternate and revamped Marvel Universe where the Ultimates basically fill the role of The Avengers. This generally serves as a great jumping on point to people who don’t want to sift through decades of storylines, retconns and an open Wikipedia page to get through an issue in the regular Marvel U. It’s fresh, it’s clean and uncluttered and it was perfect for me.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Spider-Man By Mark Millar: The Ultimate Collection

Greetings, evil compatriots. Today we are reviewing Spider-Man By Mark Millar: The Ultimate Collection which comprises Marvel Knights: Spider-Man # 1-12 and ran from 2004-2005.

I have a confession to make, this comic is one of the “newest” books I’ve picked up since I’ve jumped back into the world of comics. Up till this point, the latest Spidey comics I knew were in the mid 90s during the whole clone saga debacle. Apparently, a lot had changed since then. Aunt May knows that Peter is Spider-Man, he’s a high school science teacher, and most importantly, Doctor Octopus got a much-needed hairstyle revamp. There was a lot of mental adjustments I had to make, particularly our heroes using cell phones. That was just very odd for me to see. While I saw the talent in Terry Dodson’s art, it wasn’t my particular cup of tea. It was just a little too cartoony for me. What can I say? I’m old school.

What about the actual story? Well, there’s a lot going on here. As the series starts we find out that Spider-Man has put Norman Osborne in jail and outed him as being the Green Goblin. Shortly after this, Peter learns that poor Aunt May has been kidnapped (again!?!?) because one of his enemies has figured out his alter ego and intends to wreak havoc on his personal life. So there’s our set up and Mr. Millar has us off and running through a labyrinth of deceit and a who’s who of Spidey’s rogues gallery. It’s hard to really get into the nuts and bolts of things without giving too much away as this story is layered with reveal upon reveal.

One of the interesting aspects of the storyline is that we get to see what a lot of Spider-Man villains do during their downtime. We see them at bars partying to celebrate their recent victories, banging shape shifting hookers (apparently Elektro has a thing for the heroines of the Marvel universe) and paying for secrets. A particularly inventive moment has a host of villains stationed at an auction to buy Eddie Brock’s symbiote to bond with and become the new Venom. Brock who has cancer had been relying on the symbiote to keep him alive decided to sell it off and donate the money to charity. The Marvel Universe gets a new Venom who operates in this storyline as part of the Sinister Twelve. There are also some large-scale battles featuring guest appearances by both the Avengers and Black Cat and of course everything ties together neatly at the end as we find whose been behind this elaborate charade.

I’ve heard good things about Mark Millar and this was my first comic I’ve read by him. I wasn’t overly impressed, it wasn’t bad by any means just kind of lukewarm. I felt the story wrote itself out of a lot of things a little too easy. Mary Jane is a strong character that was used here as nothing more than helpless lynch pin for Peter. The over use of the word “man” in conversations bothered me too. I know that’s really nitpicking and the dialogue is supposed to mimic real life, but not everyone on the streets of NYC punctuate their sentences with the word “man”. The Ultimates Volume 1 and 2 is on my list to read and from what I’ve heard from just about everybody my outlook on him will have to be revised after reading those.

Till next time geeks, stay evil!

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