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Pulp Corner: Astor Alexander’s Nintendo Pulp Art

By combining two of my favorite things artist Astor Alexander’s work has zoomed to the top of my holiday wish list. I’m a big fan of the art of the Nintendo era, but I’m enamored with all things film noir and pulp especially the design specifics. So when I stumbled across these three prints it was a slam dunk for me. I really wish these were legitimate books…




You can purchase these as prints here and if you’re interested in following Alexander’s work or seeing more of it, check it out.

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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 4: Video Games

Hey Geeks!

The Greatest Geeks-Mas... EVER!

The Greatest Geeks-Mas… EVER!

For our fourth installment of the 12 Days of Geeks-Mas we are bring to you those things that are so near to our hearts. Whether they come in 8 bit or 64, the only word that I have to describe them is JOY…Thats right, we bring you Video Games!

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Start Your Mornings Off With A Heaping Bowl Of Geek

Breakfast in the Evil Geeks Lair is never boring…lazy maybe, but never boring. Old Biff here was taking a walk down memory lane and it got me thinking about some of the lesser known cereals from my youth.

Back in the original NES heyday the system was so ultra-popular they were able to spawn 3 different cartoons, lunchboxes and yes, even a cereal. Good old Nintendo Cereal System! Either the person creating this was a serious dyslexic or it was a poor translation from Japanese. All it really was is one giant commercial for two Nintendo games and packaged as two different kinds of cereal in one box, separated by bags. Mario on the left side and Zelda on the right and each came with their own kind of game related cereal bits.

One of the biggest draws, I suppose was that it gave you gameplay “tips” (and I use that term very loosely) without having to subscribe to Nintendo Power or call the hotline. My brother and I begged my mom to buy this for us and she relented exactly one time. The tip in our box was for Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link. It said something along the lines of “when you receive the up-thrust (that’s really what it was called) press “Up” and “B” to execute. Really? The Nintendo controller had two buttons; it would have taken you 2 seconds to figure out. Check out the hand drawn Mario and Link on the cover too. If Nintendo owned the rights to the games and its likeness why would they pay someone else to draw it?

What about Spider-Man cereal?

I feel like this one may be a little more familiar to people but maybe not. I’m only writing about it because it’s so delicious. Picture Chex cereal without the dual sides AND marshmallows. Thinking about it now, it might even be my favorite cereal of all time. Writing about it makes me tempted to go scour Ebay right this second and see if I can acquire some and risk my life eating it.

Yup, it really was that good.

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NYCC Roundup – Top 5 Costumes

Hey Nerds!

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again, but here’s our NYCC Cosplay Top 5 brought to you from your friendly neighborhood Evil Geeks….hope you enjoy!

Biff Tannen

There were so many insanely amazing costumes at comic con that it’s really hard to determine the “best” but I can definitely give you my favorites. For me, it’s very important that you actually physically resemble the person your imitating. So if you have an incredibly elaborate costume but look nothing like the character, your not gonna make it onto Biff Tannen’s list.

5. Matt Murdock – I dont know why but I find this costume both awesome and hilarious. For those of you who don’t know, Murdock is Daredevil’s alter ego a blind lawyer. I saw two Murdock’s, one Friday and one Saturday. The one from Friday changed into Daredevil on Saturday. Both were excellent.

(Which also begs the question, why wasn’t Butter Bean dressed up as Kingpin?)

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Yes, Even Geeks Get Married

I know it may be hard to believe, but even the geekiest amongst us occasionally get married. What does that mean? A Dr. Who themed ceremony? Your wedding vows read by Stan Lee (Oh, true believer!) a Triforce shaped wedding cake? Well, yes please to all of the above. But now there is a new way to invite your friends and family to your wedding in style.

Geekvites specializes in Save The Dates to indulge in your inner nerd but are subtle enough to go undetected by the general population. For example, do you love video games? Is your reception going to be in the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World? Well even if it isn’t,check this out.

What about Hyrule?

Obsessed with Back To The Future and going to NYC Comic Con to have Christopher Lloyd sign your Save The Date? (guilty as charged). Yea, they got that too:

So fellow geeks, unite! and let your family and friends know what they are getting into at Geekvites.

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