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Evil Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Hello again mutant lovers, Lilith here with your latest X-Men movie review. I have to admit, I’ve been a little surprised about the lack of hype and advertisement coming up to this movie’s release. I saw it in the theaters this week, and here’s my review just for you!


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The Majesty Of Kevin Wada (Part 1)

Not too long ago I became smitten with the work of Phil Noto around the same time I was also introduced to artist, Kevin Wada. Wada is most recently known for his exquisitely painted covers for the Charles Soule written She-Hulk series. As I did some more research I fell in love. He strives for some forward thinking fashion designs on many well known characters, especially in the X-Universe. Redesigning their looks and resulted in new fresh takes on the characters that seemingly affected their attitudes as well. Take a look for yourself.



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Cover Of The Day 11/28/14

Uncanny X-Men 253

X-Men AGAIN? They certainly have been highlighted by me far more than any other comic in our Cover Of The Day feature. Not only is it the title I know the best, they also have a rich history of artists that worked on it throughout it’s lifespan. By 1989 Chris Claremont’s X-Men had been through the ringer. Having been sucked through the Siege Perilous a few issues prior the entire team had been spit out in different locations across the world and were left at a crossroads trying to find a way back to one another. Marc Silvestri’s cover for #253 perfectly illustrates that separation and the different factions of characters. I love how it’s designed in a way that it pays homage to the old painted movie posters of yesteryear. Jim Lee would very soon become the name more closely associated with this time period of Uncanny X-Men artists, but Silverstri’s work on the title speaks for itself.

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The Evolutionary Patterns of Homo Superior

You know what’s missing from Marvel comics these days? It’s not just the feeling of permanence in the storytelling or the overall quality in the product they put out on a monthly basis. The notion that the creators are putting their best feet forward and not just taking monthly work to pay the bills while they publish their best stories as creator-owned works? Sure, that’s gone with the wind but there’s something else that used to be a staple of the industry, but seems to be gone for good.

The corner box illustration.

X-Men 1

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Cover Of The Day 7/2/14


I’ve recently been reacquainting myself with my old friends the X-Men and falling in love all over again. Part of it is based on nostalgia for my youth but another part of it based on a franchise that has had some of the most talented writers in the business and some of the worst (paradoxically sometimes they are one in the same). The X-Men’s history contains some classic stories well known throughout comicdom and also boasts a stable of characters equally as famous.

The 90’s were a tough time for comics in general but one bright spot was Jim Lee’s art, especially his work for Marvel. Although we’ve already highlighted one of his X-Men covers, it was hard to resist posting this. He will certainly go down as one of the great X-Men artists and a fan favorite for anyone who was reading during that time period. In my eyes he draws the definitive Wolverine (especially in the brown and tan costume) and Psylocke. I could go on and on about him facilitating a much needed costume overhaul for many of the core team members. Not to mention, I’m crazy for his corner box redesign in the top left corner for the soon to come X-Men (vol.2) It just seemed so cool for the time.

This cover is from Uncanny X-Men #274 in 1991 about half way through his tenure and shortly before they would launch the title into two books. For me, I can’t get enough of it. I love the pulpy aesthic and it taking place in the Savage Land with Ka-Zar helps give it a Tarzan feel. Magneto, a depowered Rogue with a side of Nick Fury? You can’t lose.


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Villain Spotlight: Magneto

Today we turn the spotlight to a man who, for all his ups and downs, is perhaps the finest villain in the Marvel Universe.

Magneto has definitely evolved from the madman who first appeared in the pages of X-Men #1. Originally, he wasn’t too far removed from the fascists who we would later learn had set him on his course to misanthropy. He led a goose-stepping army in his tyrannical crusade toward the destruction of another race and showed no signs of humanity.


Also, he had psychic powers sometimes.


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