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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Halloween Classics Part 1: Werewolves

How are my fiendish followers feeling today? If you are like me, you are probably shivering with antici-pation  that October is on us and Halloween is at the end of the month. What is there not to love about Halloween? Candy, costumes, monsters and mayhem.  Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? So I decided what better way to compliment the horrors of Halloween brought to you by none other than Arthur Harkness than to dedicate this month of creature comforts to the classic creatures of Halloween. Now, there are a lot of creatures that we associate Halloween with, but there are certain monsters that just seem to embody the holiday. With 4 weekends until that hallowed evening, I chose my “Big 4” to feature each weekend, giving you something to wet your appetite while you plan out your flawless Halloween experience.


My “Big 4” includes vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies. I will leave my favorite for last, but today we start with werewolves. Strictly by definition, a werewolf is also known as a lycanthrope, which is a human that has the ability to shape shift in to a wolf or a human-wolf hybrid. The word lycanthropy has its origins in Greek and probably was used to describe different gods and goddesses when they transformed in to wolves to trick unsuspecting humans or to improve their ability to hunt, as well as in reference to humans afflicted with the lycanthropy curse as a form of punishment.


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