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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Éowyn

Happy Tuesday my geeky followers, how is women’s history month treating you? Hopefully our month long foray is really showing you how great strong female characters can be. Today I am going to spotlight a woman who goes above and beyond breaking social norms set in place for her. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is sadly lacking in many female characters, but luckily for us the few that there are could easily be classified as stellar woman warriors.  Éowyn, a noblewoman from Rohan, proves this during the battle of Minas Tirith.


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Brovember 16 – Gimli and Legolas

Well we’ve already basked in the epic bromance between Sam and Frodo encountered in LOTR. But for those of you book readers, I would argue that the relationship between Gimli and Legolas comes close to rivaling that of the main hobbits in this story. I know they tried to portray this bromance in the movies but it was one of the few areas where I think they fell short: the novels do a much better job describing how this unexpected friendship helped break down some ancient barriers between two races.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Spider-Mania

Phobias. We all have them, so what’s yours? Coulorophobia? Pteromerhanophobia? Does 90’s Nick at Nite make you feel nostalgically Nyctophobic? Or do you take after Indiana Jones with Ophidiophobia?  Maybe Stephen King gave you cynophobia. Well you might feel some comfort in knowing that some of these phobias are evolutionarily adaptive. Including my phobia…I might seem like a bad-ass next to Indy as I am not afraid to handle, restrain, or even treat snakes for medical ailments (maybe I am part slytherin), but like many humans I have a undeniable arachnophobia. Yes folks, spiders just creep me out, and there is a plethora of real and imaginary 8-legged wonders out there which has inspired me to spotlight them in my Creature Comforts edition this weekend.


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The Hobbit: The LEGO-lation of Smaug!

Hey Evil Geeks!

As you may know, we love playing with LEGOs in the Evil Lair and I am a big Hobbit/LOTR fan too! So when I found this recreation of this teaser Hobbit trailer made entirely in LEGOs, I just knew that I’d have to share it with you all! Check it out…

This trailer was created by The Brotherhood Workshop and as I mentioned previously is entirely made of LEGOs including the title treatments, the logo’s for the production companies, and a big friggin’ dragon!!!! (I Know, amazing!!!) If you like this, be sure to visit The Brotherhood Workshop’s Youtube channel right here to see more of the awesomeness that these guys are creating!

Later Nerds!

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