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Ep 114 – Fishing for Band-Aids with Fiction for Bandits


Greetings, Evil Geeks! This week’s episode finds C-Mart and Undies of Wondy talk with the band Fiction for Bandits about their geeky influences, their beginnings as a band, and we reminisce about the inaugural episode of the Evil Geeks TV show. Be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Twitter!

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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

shadowofmordorgrootHowdy Hobbit-heads! It has been far too long since we sat down to talk games, so I”m here to right that horrible injustice and to let you know exactly why it is C-Mart is rarely seen these days away from the TV in the Evil Lair. Let’s talk gaming, Evil Geeks! Today’s topic: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor from WB Games and Monolith Productions.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Éowyn

Happy Tuesday my geeky followers, how is women’s history month treating you? Hopefully our month long foray is really showing you how great strong female characters can be. Today I am going to spotlight a woman who goes above and beyond breaking social norms set in place for her. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is sadly lacking in many female characters, but luckily for us the few that there are could easily be classified as stellar woman warriors.  Éowyn, a noblewoman from Rohan, proves this during the battle of Minas Tirith.


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Brovember 16 – Gimli and Legolas

Well we’ve already basked in the epic bromance between Sam and Frodo encountered in LOTR. But for those of you book readers, I would argue that the relationship between Gimli and Legolas comes close to rivaling that of the main hobbits in this story. I know they tried to portray this bromance in the movies but it was one of the few areas where I think they fell short: the novels do a much better job describing how this unexpected friendship helped break down some ancient barriers between two races.


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Brovember Day 8 – Sam and Frodo


Well let’s just get the weirdness out of the way: I am obviously not a man and therefore cannot understand the bonding and emotions experienced by individuals in a bromance. Yes I have many friends of the female persuasion, and yes I appreciate the sisterhood bond that can form between two female friends, but even though I don’t know what it is like to have a bromance, I am a little envious. Maybe I am reading in to things too much, but it seems like all you bromanced men are out there shooting the shit drinking beers, whereas many women choose to go shopping for shoes or go to a spa to bond. I would much prefer the former, but maybe that’s why I write for the brotherhood. This month’s topic has got me thinking about over a dozen bromances that I have come to adore and respect, and secretly be jealous of, so I guess it’s time for me to start bringing you some of my favorites.

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The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown – Costumes, Capes, and Long Underwear… Oh My!

It's THUNDERDOME time again!!!

It’s THUNDERDOME time again!!!

You know the old saying…The Clothes Make the Super-Man (or Woman!) So this month our top five is dedicated to that which ties all super-peoples (heroes and villains) together…The Costume!

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