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Evil Geek Book Report – Daredevil by Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark Ultimate Collection Vol. 3

Matt Murdock is a terrible person and that is exactly what makes him so interesting. I’ve said it before but I actually find him way more compelling than his super hero counterpart. As the storyline started way back by Bendis draws close to the end, the line between Daredevil and Murdock begins to blur again even further.


Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark begin the last act of their run together picking up where the previous installment ended. Milla is in the Insane Asylum thanks to Mr. Fear who Daredevil violently brought to justice. Yet, the crime has already been perpetrated and can’t be undone. Murdock seems to finally realize (and it’s about time) that anyone he loves ends up in harm’s way or worse dead.

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Cover Of The Day 6/6/14


Today’s cover of the day is brought to you by pulp artist extraordinare, Francesco Francavilla. It’s from near the end of the David Liss written Black Panther run where he was watching over Hell’s Kitchen while Daredevil got a grip on himself post Shadowland. It’s a gorgeous composition that really evokes 70’s cinema. I love that Black Panther doesn’t appear at all, highlighting only the major villains of this storyline. Speaking of which, Lady Bullseye is looking an awful lot like Liv Tyler…

Unfortunately, Francavilla isn’t the interior artist for this issue (for that you’ll have to go back earlier in the run) but with a cover this good, I don’t care.

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