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Ep 051 – Evil Geeks Disassembled – The Stallone Film Society: Tango & Cash


Greetings Evil Geek Movie Buffs! Today the Evil Movie Night crew reconvenes the Stallone Film Society to go over the 1989 action, buddy cop, classic Tango & Cash.  After talking about it for months the guys finally subject themselves to another Sly pic.  Watch along and listen as Arthur Harkness, C-Mart, Martian Luthor Kang 1th 117, and Paulo Pinta get together to tear it apart!

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Villain Spotlight: The Thing

Good evening things and thingettes! I know you all have missed me in my slight absence over the past week or two as I was on a slight vacation, and by vacation I mean I was fully entrenched in biological warfare. Being sick is no joke, especially when it feels like you are imploding, but my sickness had the added effect of being a benefit to you all in the form of a rewatching of one of the best sci/fi horror movies in all the land; John Carpenter’s The Thing. I understand that the Thing would not be considered a villain of sorts to a few people, but the sheer malevolence and discord it sewed throughout the crew of the camp is the stuff of legend. So strap your heads down and heat up some of your buddy’s blood because this one is going to be a bumpy and slightly gross ride!


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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 15

So, we’ve come to the halfway point of our Novembeard festivities and boy have we got a fine beard for you today!

If you’re in a John Carpenter movie and you’re looking to survive, it definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances if you were Kurt Russell. And if that movie happens to be The Thing? Well, your chances are still a lot better than most everyone else, but you’re in for a rough couple of hours. In Carpenter’s re-imagining of The Thing From Another World, the all-male crew of this Antarctic research base has no shortage of beards, but R.J. MacReady (played by Russell)wears upon his face the clear winner. His beard is the finest one to be found on an entire continent, a feat not easily matched.

bearded macready

Luckily for Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley was clean shaven in this movie. If Brimley wore a beard, he’d knock the Computer right out of his Tennis Shoes.

Now, one might expect a group of men trapped in perpetual winter to be bearded without exception, but there were a good number of men who opted to go sans facial hair. You’ll also notice that in a hive of bees there are countless drones and only one queen. My theory is that the other men’s faces shut down any hair growth out of a fearful respect of MacReady’s mighty growth.

When the thinly veiled AIDS metaphor scary alien monster takes the form of one (if not several) of the staff at an antarctic research base, helicopter pilot really steps up to the plate and takes control of the situation. But he doesn’t just assert himself and teach the others that cooperation will win the day. No, he threatens to murder all of them and takes the entire group hostage to clear his own name, THEN conducts tests to determine which of his camp buddies is actually a shape-shifting extraterrestrial. And then after the shit hits the fan and he blasts one of the creature’s forms clear to tarnation, he and the only other survivor decide that since neither can be sure the other isn’t secretly an alien, they’ll spend their desperate last hours waiting for one another to make a move.

Russell v David

If I were an alien changeling with Keith David and Kurt Russell both pissed at me, I would apologize profusely and high-tail it back to outer space.

Hang in there, geeks.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.
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