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Evil Movie Reviews: Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home and Star Trek V – The Final Frontier

I’ve got a two for one today. Two reviews for the price of one! I’m quickly getting finished up with all the Star Trek movies, ready to move on to TNG if you ask me. I watched #4 and 5 this past week and want to tell you all about it! Especially since the 4th movie is considered one of the best of all the Star Trek films. Warning, spoilers to follow, but you probably should have already seen these films if you are a Trekkie.


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TV From The Crypts: Lilith’s Star Trek Mission Continues

That’s right, I have successfully completed my mission in watching season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series. I have learned a lot as I have entered the world of 1960’s science fiction, and in particular I appreciate now that we have come a long way. Still, it’s nice to nod my head in recognition of what was the then ground-breaking television series. Today I want to bring you my favorite moment’s, buzzfeed listastic style again. But first I have to point out a couple frustrations I have with the show and see if you Trekkies agree.

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