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DC Comics Recommendations

Biff here and now that the holidays are over and everyone is reeling from all the joy and the presents that were spread around now we have to accept the fact that the winter season has only just begun. We had such a great time recommending things during the 12 Days Of Geeks-Mas we decided to give you a little more.

If you don’t know, all my comic allegiance goes to Marvel…it always has. It’s what I started with and what I picked back up on (except for a brief in between period where Image Comics ruled my life). The Marvel universe just feels comfortable to me. Even for the 15+ years I wasn’t reading comics, things may have changed but it was easy to dive back into. I know the characters, I know the history, I’ve formed bonds with them. To me it always seemed that since a lot of DC’s flagship characters were created in the 1940’s and 50’s they always seemed a little more dated and dull compared to the bulk of the Marvel characters that were created in the 60s.

I’ve read exactly three DC books, Watchmen, Batman: Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, all of which I enjoyed. I’ve never read any Superman but I do have a copy of Allstar Superman and Superman: Red Son at home waiting for me. When I heard the premise of Red Son I was intrigued enough that I had to pick it up.

That’s it, that’s the entire extent of my DC reading. Obviously, I know about other prominent characters in the universe but nothing in great detail. So we figured we would let our in house DC experts Big Evil, Martian Luthor Kang and Arthur Harkness recommend some series and trade paperbacks for me.

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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 11

Today’s beard spotlight is not on one particular beard, but rather a subspecies of beard.  I call it Beardicus Futuristica; The future beard. This is the phenomenon in fiction, particularly science fiction, of showing that a great deal of time has passed by giving a character a beard.  It is especially popular in comic books and comic books are especially popular with me, but here are some of my favorites from all kinds of media.



A Hulk gone mad in an alternate future, he has crushed every other major force in the Marvel Universe friend and foe alike.


Kingdom Come

A retired version of the Man of Steel, he has gone back to his roots as a farmer. He tends to the crops more often than he does his face.


Doctor Richards

After his wife and nemesis are killed in the same devastating battle, Reed dons Dooms armor and grows a shaggy beard.


Big Frank

After he matures into a living god, he goes back in time and acts as a mentor to his younger self, which is just BEGGING for a rift in the space-time continuum.


Batman the Dark Knight Rises

Because the fifteen speeches about “Harvey Dent Day” might not have made it clear, they had Christian Bale grow a red goatee so we’d know this movie took place later.


Most excellent

Bill and Ted grew glorious beards as they learned to play their instruments. After their training , their musical skills were station.


Big Nate

When we saw a future version of Cable, who was already an old man, they added a white beard so you’d know he was old in the FUTURE.

The future beard is such a common bit of costume design that, as a child,  I imagined my adult self as basically a taller version of my child self with a golden beard. I honestly did not see the male pattern baldness coming.

See you in the FUTURE as we continue this Novembeard celebration tomorrow!

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